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Talking about the three major domestic fastener markets: Wenzhou, Yongnian and Haiyan

talking about the three major domestic fastener markets: Wenzhou, Yongnian and Haiyan

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Guide: fasteners, commonly known as screws and nuts, are basic parts of machinery, known as the rice of industry, ranging from space shuttles, automobiles and mechanical equipment to tables, chairs and benches. The industry is a labor-intensive, capital intensive and high-tech strategic mouse operation; All countries in the world attach great importance to the development of sex industry

fasteners, commonly known as screws and nuts, are basic mechanical parts, known as the "rice of industry", ranging from space shuttles, automobiles and mechanical equipment to tables, chairs and benches. This industry is a labor-intensive, capital intensive and high-tech strategic industry, and countries all over the world attach great importance to its development. After years of development, China has become the world's largest fastener manufacturer. It is reported that at present, there are nearly 10000 fastener production and trading enterprises in China, with more than 1 million employees, making a high contribution to employment. Domestic carbon steel fasteners are mainly used in automotive industry, electronic products, electronic equipment, mechanical equipment, construction and general industrial purposes. Judging from the national production areas, it is very important to correctly evaluate the product test results, and the fastener industry development in Wenzhou, Yongnian and Haiyan is the largest and most distinctive

Wenzhou fastener industry

Wenzhou fastener industry started in the 1970s. After nearly 30 years of development, Wenzhou has more than 3000 fasteners and upstream and downstream related enterprises. A considerable number of enterprises still exist in the form of family workshops and mom and pop stores. In addition, about 10000 business households are distributed throughout the country. Electronic measurement can easily and accurately realize experiments under various test conditions. In recent years, it has developed rapidly, Among them, there are more than 200 large-scale and high-grade enterprises, with an annual output of more than 1 million tons and an annual output value of about 10billion yuan, accounting for about 30% of the national market share

disadvantages: in recent years, the land price in Wenzhou has soared. For enterprises with high pollution and high energy consumption such as the fastener industry, the government's attention and support are relatively weak. Many fastener enterprises are forced to relocate, and the number of fastener enterprises in Wenzhou has also decreased sharply

advantages: Wenzhou fastener industry started earlier among the three industrial bases. Years of accumulation, coupled with a series of difficulties encountered in recent years, have made Wenzhou fastener enterprises aware of the importance of brand and image. In recent years, Wenzhou fastener enterprises have maintained a good situation in terms of external image. Brazilian new plastic materials can be degraded within 30 days

Fastener City Hebei Yongnian

overview: after more than 30 years of development, Yongnian has more than 2300 production enterprises, gradually forming an industrial cluster and a huge market network. At present, 87 enterprises in the county have passed the iso:2000 international quality system certification. Last year, the investment in updating equipment exceeded 200million yuan. The annual output of fasteners was 2.47 million tons, and the sales volume was 17.3 billion yuan, accounting for 40% of the national market share. Recently, China and Germany have introduced high-end fasteners with an investment of 400million yuan, China SCREW world with an investment of 380million yuan, and high-strength fastener base projects with a total investment of 10.7 billion yuan. The project ends the long history of China's dependence on imports of high-end products in this field

advantages: the sales volume accounts for nearly half of the national share, forming a good regional advantage. In addition, the local government has relatively more supporting policies for the fastener industry every year

disadvantages: in such a large industrial scale, the industrial structure is lack of leaders, the product competitiveness is not strong, and there is a lack of alliance among enterprises, so there is no "voice" in the price determination of raw material purchase and product sales

hometown of fasteners Zhejiang Haiyan

Haiyan County has more than 700 standard fastener manufacturers, including more than 100 enterprises above the designated size, mainly producing about 14000 kinds of general standard fasteners, screw nuts, screws, high-strength long rod bolts and other series products. In 2006, the output of standard fasteners in the county exceeded 1million tons, accounting for about 22% of the total economic output of the county, and the sales revenue was 4billion yuan. Among them, exports are 70%, self operated exports are nearly 200million US dollars, of which the export volume of nuts accounts for 50% of that of Zhejiang Province, and the output and export volume of long screws rank first in the country

advantages: leading enterprises gather. At present, domestic fastener giant Jinyi industry is located in Haiyan, Zhejiang Province, and leading enterprises often play a good leading role

can drive the rapid development of small and medium-sized fastener enterprises. In addition, the supporting public service platforms related to the fastener industry are relatively perfect. The national fastener professional market, national fastener testing center and fastener surface treatment center have formed a relatively complete industrial chain from raw material supply, product production to equipment manufacturing

disadvantages: quality inspection reports from different parts of the country show that Haiyan fastener enterprises are exposed more frequently due to problems such as unqualified quality. In addition, most enterprises rely on foreign trade for orders, and the market structure is too single. If the overseas economic situation is poor, Haiyan fastener industry base will also be affected the most

conclusion: looking at the three fastener industry bases, they have different advantages and disadvantages. It is also because of the fastener industry with different characteristics in the three places that the current three pillars pattern of China's fastener industry has been created

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