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Talking about the teaching method of packaging and decoration (Part 1)

in recent years, with the deepening of reform and opening up, product packaging has been paid more and more attention by manufacturers and favored by consumers. "Buddha wants gold clothes, and people want clothes" has become the main means for manufacturers to occupy the market and win the competition. Many enterprises have spared no expense in adding funds to product packaging and printing. Many industries and units have set up special design teams and design departments. Our school, like many colleges and universities, has established the major of decoration art design and opened the course of packaging and decoration design in order to meet the social needs a few years ago. After several years of teaching practice, I would like to talk about some teaching thoughts

first, students should have a solid design foundation to cultivate and develop students' creative thinking and design ability as soon as possible

before entering the school, most students mainly focus on painting in order to cope with the examination, mainly training the basic skills of painting, which is very deficient in design. The way of thinking is also mainly about how to improve painting skills, so as to achieve the purpose of being similar to the painted object. The author believes that it is a kind of "drawing gourds according to the same pattern" based on feeling, Passive training is different from creative thinking design. After students enter school, I believe that in addition to further strengthening the training of basic painting skills, students' design ability should be developed and cultivated as soon as possible. In addition to emphasizing basic painting skills and basic professional knowledge in professional basic courses, it is more important to change students' previously formed thinking mode in basic teaching, In terms of teaching methods, in addition to giving students the necessary temporary imitation and sketching of fire-resistant B1 polyurethane products, we must strengthen the development and training of students' creative thinking design, and at the same time, we must not isolate and one-sided the professional and technical courses we teach. Students should understand that the basic knowledge learned is for application in professional design in the future, and pay attention to the connection between basic courses and professional courses, otherwise it is easy to go astray and go to school divorced from reality. For example: in the course of sketch, the author notes that at present, when some higher vocational art schools are majoring in decoration, the basic courses in grade two mainly focus on sketch and color. In teaching, they also follow a set of teaching mode of the former Soviet Union. In teaching means, they mainly draw plaster head portraits, bust portraits and portraits, and in expression methods, they mainly focus on light and shade

sometimes a piece of homework is painted for a week, and students describe the object all day, which is time-consuming and inefficient, and few sparks of creative thinking are seen. For a long time, most design colleges and universities in China have trained designers by using the method of cultivating artists with enough space in the room. Sketch teaching is one of the important basic courses of plastic arts (including design). Due to the different categories of plastic arts, the emphasis of sketch teaching should also be different. Due to the characteristics of art design, sketch teaching should also be appropriate. The purpose of sketch teaching reform is to gradually establish a perfect sketch teaching system on the premise of respecting the characteristics of art design major, shorten the distance from design major courses as much as possible, and gradually form an organic part of the design system. In basic training, creative thinking is added step by step, students' personality is respected, and the creative potential of each student's personality is brought into play as much as possible, Make students have professional consciousness and modern consciousness from the beginning of learning, and lay a good quality foundation for quickly and smoothly transferring to the next stage of learning

another example is the course of font design. For a long time, what we have trained and required is only the various stages of cognitive character development. The teaching requirements and objectives of the course:

1. Skilled in writing boldface and Song typeface

2. Proficient in writing English letters

3. Grasp the embodiment of the sense of the times

4. Master the rhythmic beauty and writing rules of words

5. Cultivate and train students' ability to write quickly. Evaluation criteria: accuracy, vividness, preciseness and completeness. However, with the development of the times, social and cultural forms, ways of economic activities, scientific and technological conditions, and mass media promote the continuous changes in the level, form, and aesthetics of font design. Under the operation of new means such as informatization and digitization, design methods and skills continue to issue new concepts and new visual effects

the space of font design has far exceeded the scope of "calligraphy" and "fine art". In graphic design, it constantly transmits text information, and more importantly, it plays the role of symbol visualization. Therefore, in writing, in addition to allowing students to master the use of tools and correct drawing and writing steps through temporary writing, they should also understand the drawing and writing principles of art style, font design types, common change methods, typesetting awareness, and the styles of various fonts, so that students can apply them in professional design in the future, such as drawing blackbody in standard fonts, which not only teaches students how to draw and write correctly, In addition, in drawing and writing, we should pay attention to the consciousness of typesetting, integrate the idea of design, and introduce this font to students that it is more suitable for solemn occasions and places that need attention in combination with the bold and striking characteristics of bold square head and square tail; In terms of product packaging design, it is often used in product packaging design that reflects the firmness and durability of products, such as machinery and hardware, while self-designed art variant words are generally used in relaxed and lively occasions; Western pattern characters are painted in cosmetic packaging boxes and used in the product name and brand, which can show the soft, aromatic and other characteristics of the product. In the font combination design, we should make students understand that the form is subject to the content, which can not be arbitrary and self admiration. We should consider the readability of the design font and its relevance to the content. At the same time, we should also consider that the design font is widely used and can be reproduced and produced on different media. After making students understand that there is room for the price of these raw wood pulp, especially the price of coniferous pulp: basically covering all kinds of imported wood pulp, Give full play to creative thinking and imagination. Use the law of formal beauty to design novel, beautiful and generous fonts. Through the course of font design, in addition to requiring students to master the basic skills of drawing and writing, they have a new understanding of the role of font as a design element in graphic design, and lay a good foundation for cultivating students' creative thinking as soon as possible

the traditional expression method of light and shade sketch is time-consuming and inefficient, which does not adapt to the characteristics of Sketch Teaching in design majors

second, in the packaging and decoration design, students should pay attention to the characteristics of commodity packaging

many students in the packaging and decoration design, one-sided pursuit of form, regardless of the attributes and characteristics of commodity packaging, that is, the commodity is not clear, in the design, the idea is relatively narrow and rigid, simply pieced together words and color blocks on the screen, do not understand that the purpose of commodity packaging design is to sell concepts, resulting in the design of homework, It is not like a design work for product packaging, but only the graphic design of color, pattern and text, which is lack of merchantability. It is a common phenomenon. In the application of color, it often depends on personal interests and hobbies, does not combine the wrong color with the content of the product, or uses several inherent colors for all product packaging and decoration designs. However, different product designs should be selected to reflect the content of the product as much as possible due to different product attributes, Colors to promote product sales, for example: warm colors are commonly used for food packaging, which can highlight the fresh, delicious and delicious feeling of food; For pharmaceutical products, the commonly used gray cool color is more suitable, which can make patients less irritated and bored, and can reflect the anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic effects of the product; Children's toy products often use bright pure colors and various color blocks with strong contrast between cold and warm to meet children's psychology and hobbies. In addition, different colors should be adopted according to the preferences of different regions and national hobbies. In terms of picture organization, many students also don't pay attention to the drawing and arrangement of commodity names and brand names, and often overemphasize the illustrations. They don't know that the patterns and illustrations are to better foil the theme, and narrow or lack the necessary product names, brand names and producer names in the picture composition. In student homework, it is often found that what students ignore and don't pay attention to is the main highlight in terms of packaging and decoration design, Imagine if a packaging work can't immediately let consumers understand what is in the box on the shelf, how can it produce sales behavior

so. In teaching, we must let students focus on the development of new energy vehicles to clarify the commerciality of commercial packaging design, and integrate packaging design into the design for sales awareness. Only in this way, the design ideas will be more open, and the design works will be meaningful

third, through learning packaging and decoration design, students can master and understand the design concept

taking packaging design as the media, from which they can understand the design idea method and production skills, and can draw inferences from one instance to apply the learned knowledge to other areas of design, such as advertising design, exhibition design, environmental design, etc. Students may not be engaged in commodity packaging design after graduation, but after a short time of contact and understanding the characteristics of other industries, they will adapt immediately after taking this course. I think this is the real purpose and expectation of our teaching this course

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