On the technical characteristics of plastic doors

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Technical interpretation: talking about the technical characteristics of plastic doors and windows

1 Because the profile is PVC, it is extruded and shaped by a mold in the molten state. Therefore, it can form a fine structure to realize various functions, such as the main cavity to improve the strength and place reinforced steel, the multi cavity structure to improve the heat preservation and sound insulation performance, the drainage channel, and the structure to install hardware, which can effectively ensure the functional requirements of doors and windows

2. By placing reinforced steel of different specifications and shapes, the plastic window can obtain different wind pressure strength. In addition to meeting the requirements of ordinary wind pressure, it can also have high wind pressure resistance. In 2003, the Committee organized a survey on the use of plastic windows in high-rise buildings in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xiamen in high wind pressure areas. The survey results showed that several cities had experienced many strong winds, and the plastic windows used were intact. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the plastic windows installed in Xiamen Guangming building on the 38th floor of Dalian Shide company experienced a typhoon of more than 12 in 1990. After the typhoon, The cumulative output of crude steel and steel in China increased by 1.1% year-on-year respectively, but it still faces problems such as high raw material prices, low overall level of plastic machinery, lack of self-discipline in some enterprises, lagging standards of some plastic products, etc.%, and 2.4% still maintain a good initial function

3. The sound insulation effect of plastic windows is good. According to Japanese data, in order to meet the same requirements of noise reduction, the distance between the building with aluminum windows and the main traffic road should be more than 50 meters, while the distance can be shortened to 16 meters after installing plastic windows. In the increasingly noisy urban environment, the use of plastic windows can make the indoor environment more comfortable

4. Plastic doors and windows have good corrosion resistance and can be used in acid rain, coastal areas, chemical plants and other severely corrosive environments

5. White plastic doors and windows have a wide range of adaptability to the color requirements of interior decoration. In recent years, the two-color coextrusion, film coating and spraying technology applied successively can enrich the color of the outside of the plastic window room and meet the color requirements of the building facade

6. The frame and leaf corners of the plastic window are welded, which can avoid the possibility of water leakage from the gap of the corner window due to improper technology

7. DuPont oval logo of plastic doors and windows, DuPont and all products marked with, or (unless otherwise specified) are trademarks or registered trademarks of DuPont company or its affiliated companies. The materials can be recycled and reused. Because PVC resin is a thermoplastic material, it can be repeatedly heated and molded into new products, which can be recycled and meet the requirements of environmental protection

8. The biggest advantage of plastic windows is energy saving, and in this regard reflects the excellent performance price ratio. First of all, in terms of the production energy consumption of materials, PVC per unit weight is only 1/8 of steel and 1/16 of aluminum. Moreover, there is no need to smelt or cast ingots again during recycling, and the profiles can be used as raw materials only after being broken. Very little energy consumption. This is very beneficial to the shortage of resources in our country

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