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Leaders of China Printing Association attended the Sixth Council meeting of Beijing Printing Association on December 3, 2004, under the chairmanship of Zhang Qinglian, Secretary General of Beijing Printing Association, the Sixth Council meeting of Beijing Printing Association should be held in Yiquan, Beijing to ensure that its gap is 0.05 0.08 mm villa as scheduled

Jiang Xuezhong, director of the printing and reproduction management department of the General Administration of publishing, he Ning, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Publishing Bureau, Wu Wenxiang, chairman of the China Printing Technology Association, Wang Demao, executive vice chairman of the China printing and equipment industry association, and Gao Shuping, chairman of Beijing Longda Light Industry Holding Co., Ltd., attended the meeting and delivered important speeches one after another. In addition, more than 150 leaders including Zhou Xun, the chairman of the Fifth Council of Beijing Printing Association, Lin Ming, the chairman, Ren Yucheng, the executive vice chairman, Guo Qingyuan, Tong Qingfu and hang naishu, as well as representatives from more than 110 printing enterprises in Beijing and representatives from nearly 10 relevant media in the industry, such as printing manager, printing today and China India, attended the conference

the general assembly first considered and adopted the work report, financial report and amendment report of the Fifth Council. Subsequently, in a show of hands vote of the members present, the members of the Sixth Council of Beijing Printing Association were elected. The conference elected Chen Pingzhou as honorary chairman, and sunxiangdong, guoqingyuan and Tong Qingfu as consultants of Beijing Printing Association. At the same time, the members present unanimously voted that Mr. Lin Ming, the chairman of the previous Council, was elected as the chairman of the Sixth Council, and Ren Yucheng was elected as the executive vice chairman. The vice chairmen include Zhou Xun, song Yuzhe, hang naishu, Cai Wei, Zhou Hao, Zhang Genxiang, Zhou Ping'an, Gao Fucheng, Wang Guohua, jiximing, Wang Guangyuan, etc

during the meeting, Zhou Ping'an, general manager of Beijing Longda printing and packaging Co., Ltd., on behalf of all the directors of the Sixth Council of Beijing Printing Association, proposed to abide by the code of professional ethics in Beijing printing industry. He explained that "in the industry management, only government departments can choose to display boxes horizontally or vertically; supervision and management is not enough, but also vigorously strengthen the construction of professional ethics and strengthen the self-discipline of the majority of killing enterprises, which requires a common convention to be observed." the code of professional ethics for the Beijing printing industry "is such an industry convention that should be taken to quickly cool down my constraints."

in addition, the seventh "Beijing printing progress award" award ceremony was held at the meeting

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Lin Ming, the newly elected chairman of the Sixth Council, made a summary and declared the conference closed. In the concluding remarks, Lin Mingli's surface is smooth, and the president said: "First of all, thank you for your support and attention to the Beijing Printing Association and your trust in this Council. Looking at the membership structure of the Sixth Council, youth is a major feature. At the same time, the members of the Council are basically from front-line units such as printing enterprises, which is not only in line with the development trend of the association, but also reflects that the industry association should start from practical things, do more practical things for enterprises and industries, and jointly promote Beijing and even the whole China The rapid and healthy development of the printing industry. "

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