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Application of ultrasonic full-function detector

I. principle:

ultrasonic technology is related to sound waves that human beings cannot feel. The average human hearing limit is 16500 Hz. Although some people can hear up to 21000 Hz, ultrasonic technology usually involves 20000 Hz and above. Another expression of 20000 Hz is 20kHz, or kilohertz. 1khz=1000 Hz. Because ultrasound is high frequency, it belongs to short wave signal. Its characteristics are different from audible sound or low-frequency sound. When crossing the same distance, low-frequency sound requires less sound energy than high-frequency sound. The ultrasonic technology used by ultraprobe is usually called air ultrasound. Air ultrasound refers to the transmission and reception of ultrasound through the atmosphere without the help of sound transmission. It includes a method of receiving a signal generated through one or more media by means of a waveguide. In fact, there are ultrasonic components in various forms of friction. For example, when rubbing the thumb and index finger at the same time, signals within the ultrasonic range will be generated. Although the audible sound of this friction may be vaguely heard, with the help of ultraprobe, this sound sounds particularly loud. The reason why the sound is loud is that ultraprobe converts the ultrasonic signal into an audible range and amplifies it. Due to the extremely low amplitude of ultrasound, amplification has become a very important means. Although most operating equipment produces obvious audible sound, the ultrasonic component of sound is usually the most important. In preventive maintenance, some simple pickups are often used to monitor the bearing to determine the wear condition of the bearing. Because what you hear may not affect you by 10 points, it is obviously the sound component of the signal, but the result of this kind of diagnosis is quite vague. Because small changes within the ultrasonic range cannot be felt, it is ignored. When you feel that the bearing is in bad condition within the audible range, you must replace it immediately. Ultrasound provides predictable diagnostic capabilities, and when changes begin to occur within the ultrasonic range, there is still time to plan feasible maintenance. In the field of leakage detection, ultrasound provides a fast and accurate method to determine small and approximate leakage. Because ultrasonic is a short wave signal, the leakage ultrasonic sound felt at the leakage part is the largest and clearest. In the noisy factory environment, the characteristics of ultrasonic make it more useful. Most of the noise in the factory will block the low-frequency components of the leakage, so it is useless to carry out audible leakage detection. Since u1traprobe does not respond to low-frequency sound, only the leaked ultrasonic components can be heard. The discharges of arc, leakage and corona have strong ultrasonic components that can be quickly detected. With general leak detection, ultraprobe can detect potential faults in noisy factory environments

II. Structure composition:

it is composed of basic components and accessories. The basic components include insertion components and gun shell. The insertion components are also divided into three sonic scanning plug-ins and sound guide detectors. The gun shell is also divided into display screen, trigger switch, i/o port, battery, headset, etc. Accessories include standard accessories and optional accessories. Standard accessories are composed of headphones, wtg-1 internal sound generator, rubber focus probe, sound guide detector accessories, 5pc-c9i/o cable, bch-9 battery charger, bch-wtg battery charger, etc. optional accessories are composed of lrm-9, cfm-9, uwc-9000, sa2000 loudspeaker amplifier, LLA, etc

III. application

ultraprobe ultrasonic full-function detector is widely used, mainly in petrochemical industry, electric power industry, aviation and shipbuilding industry, paper industry, textile industry, metallurgical industry, etc

physical and chemical indicators of pressure/vacuum leakage include monomer migration, total migration, potassium permanganate consumption, heavy metal lead and bleaching reaction leakage of the tested sample.

when any gas (air, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.) passes through a leakage hole, it will produce a disturbance with detectable high-frequency components. Use ultraprobe detector to scan the nearby area, and you can hear the torrent sound or indication of leakage through headphones. The closer the detector is to the leakage point, the louder the torrent sound will be and the higher the indication reading value will be. Of course, environmental noise is a problem, but the use of rubber sound gathering probe can reduce the receiving area of the detector. To block the interference of noise waves, the frequency adjustment function of ultraprobe can reduce the interference of background noise, so that inexperienced users can easily operate to detect leakage

application: find out the leakage points of gas, natural gas pipeline/barrel tank, laboratory/hospital operating room, air conditioning, air pressure pipeline, gas supply/nitrogen system, oil tank truck and any other gas pipeline/compartment/barrel tank

leakage of heat exchanger, boiler and condenser

vacuum or pressure leakage can be detected by ultraprobe, and accessories, valves and coupling shafts can be scanned for leakage. The high-frequency and short wave characteristics of ultrasound enable users to locate the leakage location in a high-noise environment. The condensation pipe and heat exchange pipe can be tested for leakage by the following three methods: vacuum, pressure and ultrasonic sound

application: find leakage points of heat exchangers, boilers and condensers in petrochemical plants, heavy industries, power plants, laboratories and general factories

valve leakage

valves can be accurately detected when problems such as leakage or blockage occur. For valves with leakage, when the medium flows from the high-pressure side through the leakage point to the low-pressure side, it will produce turbulence, while good valves are relatively quiet. Because the ultraprobe detector has a wide sensitivity and ultrasonic frequency selection range, even in a noisy environment, all types of valves can accurately detect leakage problems

bearing monitoring

ultraprobe can detect bearing faults in the initial stage. NASA research center has confirmed that ultrasonic bearing monitoring can locate potential bearing faults earlier than the supply chain construction test method using traditional temperature and vibration all recycled plastic processing. Taking ultraprobe as an example, users can hear the sound quality and observe the reading value of the meter. Therefore, trend monitoring, maintenance and identification of potential bearing problems are provided, and the bandwidth adjustment function makes it easier to isolate and analyze a bearing. Arc light or partial discharge (Corona) will generate ultrasonic signals from the position of insulation deterioration. This kind of discharge signal can quickly locate the fault point by using ultraprobe for area scanning. This kind of signal sounds like a frying sound or buzzing sound with headphones. The closer the detector is to the discharge, the stronger the signal will be obtained. It is suitable for the preventive maintenance and repair of power switches, transformers, relays, circuit breakers, busbar boards, insulation devices, etc

application: arc, partial discharge or leakage trace, detection and positioning, high voltage tower, transformer, high voltage insulator detection of power plants, factory substations, high voltage distribution boxes

electrical equipment detection

arc or partial discharge (electricity) will generate ultrasonic signals from the location of insulation deterioration. This discharge signal can quickly locate the fault point by using ultraprobe for area scanning. This kind of signal sounds like a frying sound or buzzing sound with headphones. The closer the detector is to the discharge, the stronger the signal will be obtained. It is suitable for the preventive maintenance and repair of power switches, transformers, relays, busbar boards, insulation devices, etc

application: arc, partial discharge or leakage traces, detection and positioning of power plants, factory substations, high-voltage distribution boxes, high-voltage tower, transformer, high-voltage insulation detection

ultrasonic sealing test

ultrasonic sound (ultraprobe) sealing test 4. Adhering to the advanced, sticking to the right path, and testing with the right way is a non-destructive offline test method, which does not need to be pressurized, so it is faster, simpler and more accurate than the traditional method of using pressurized or foam

this test method is to place the ultrasonic sound source generator inside or at one end without pressurization in the test sealing chamber/simple groove, and the ultrasonic signal will flow to all corners of the object to be tested and penetrate any leakage position. Therefore, ultraprobe can point out the leakage position by scanning the penetrating ultrasonic signal externally

applications: aircraft doors and windows, fuel tanks, cockpit leakage, cabin/submarine cabin leakage, car door and window leakage. (end)

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