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Leading new ICT and building a better connected world

from March 14 to 18, 2016, Huawei participated in CeBIT 2016 (Hannover consumer electronics, information and Communication Expo), the world's largest ICT (information and communication technology) exhibition, and comprehensively released the new marketing theme of enterprise business, leading New ICT and building a better connected world

the theme of CeBIT 2016 conference is digital economy: in the process of testing, the force value is usually controlled by the computer to stop the closed-loop control and - create - success, which mainly expounds that digitalization is affecting all aspects of business and society. Digitalization is not a flash in the pan, it will continue to bring all kinds of great opportunities. Therefore, now is the time for enterprises to actively respond to the new challenges brought by digitalization and strive for the future

in the era of digital economy, the digital transformation of various industries has entered an accelerated period, and enterprise ICT is transforming from the traditional multi chimney isolated support system to the core production system that realizes efficient production, operation and decision support. In line with this trend, Huawei has proposed a new marketing theme for the enterprise market to lead the new ICT and build a better world connection. Yan Lida, President of Huawei enterprise BG, said in the keynote speech at CeBIT Global Conference on March 15: cloud computing, big data, IOT, SDN and other technologies have matured one after another, making possible the new ICT architecture of cloud, management and end-to-end collaboration, which is the most critical in the digital transformation of enterprises, and accelerating the transformation process. The new ICT era is coming. Based on technological innovation, Huawei has built an open, flexible and flexible platform to build a sustainable and win-win ecosystem. Huawei will take BDII (business driven ICT infrastructure) as the program of action, adhere to the focus and integration strategy, work together with customers and partners to jointly innovate, and help customers in government and public utilities, finance, energy, transportation, manufacturing, education, ISP and other industries to build a better connected world and lead the new ICT era

Yan Lida, President of Huawei BG, delivered a keynote speech at CeBIT 2016 Global Conference

at CeBIT 2016, Huawei comprehensively demonstrated its insight and practice of the new ICT and how Huawei can enable customers to lead the new ICT era through various activities such as booths, media conferences, industry summits, product and solution conferences, and signing ceremonies

work with partners and customers to build business driven ICT infrastructure

digital transformation is advancing at an amazing speed. Leading enterprises have taken digitalization as the core of their business strategies to succeed in the wave of digital transformation. Huawei, together with its partners, adheres to the customer's business needs as the driving force, and provides ICT infrastructure for different footwear stripping performance testing methods, enabling enterprises to carry out business innovation, promote business growth, and improve operating profits

at CeBIT 2016, Huawei held three summits: Safe City, finance and ISP (Internet service provider), which jointly discussed the great challenges and opportunities brought by digitalization to the industry: ICT technology makes urban interconnection, visualization and collaboration become the key to safe city construction, and new technologies make the security system more reliable and efficient; Digitalization has a great impact on customer behavior, channel services, product research and development, background operations and other aspects of financial institutions. The new bank needs a common digital infrastructure to support the whole bank; If ISP enterprises want to meet the diversified and changeable needs of users with the greatest resource capacity, it is not enough to only have a leading business model. A good business support system is the key, and the cloud data center is the top priority

in recent years, Huawei has achieved rapid growth in public security, finance, transportation, energy and other industries. By the end of 2015, Huawei's safe city solution has served more than 100 cities in more than 30 countries around the world, including the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and so on, with a population of about 400million. Huawei's Omni channel banking solution has been commercially available in more than 300 financial institutions, including 6 of the world's TOP10 banks. The service mileage of Huawei's Digital Railway solution has accumulated to more than 100000 kilometers. Huawei helps customers deploy IP railway communication system in Spain, and signs a cooperation agreement with German railway to help them build an evolvable train ground communication system for the future. Huawei has served 15 of the world's top 20 energy companies, covering more than 100000 substations and 38000 kilometers of oil and gas pipelines. In the ISP field, Huawei helped evry, the second largest ICT service provider in northern Europe, build a cloud data center based on Sdn

insist on being integrated and joint innovation, and build a new ecosystem based on innovative technologies and open platforms. In the acceleration period of digital transformation, new technologies, new players and new cooperation modes emerge in endlessly, with customers having greater dominance. Customers actively embrace partners in different links of the ecosystem, and the ICT Industry has entered the industrial development path defined by developers. Huawei adheres to the strategy of focusing and being integrated, and works with customers and partners to jointly innovate and build a more open new ecosystem defined by developers

at CeBIT 2016, Huawei announced the establishment of a new partnership with KUKA, the world's leading robotics supplier, and signed a memorandum of cooperation to jointly explore the application of cellular IOT, wireless and 5g networks, big data solutions, etc. in the smart factory environment. Don't you know? And China's industrial market to develop intelligent manufacturing solutions. At the same time, Huawei and Deutsche Telekom announced that the open Telecom cloud service they had cooperated with was officially commercialized. Huawei provided innovative hardware and software, including server, storage, network and cloud operating system solutions, and made every effort to create flexible and convenient cloud services, which will help Deutsche Telekom improve its market position in cloud services in Europe

Huawei and 51 partners jointly displayed innovative ICT solutions on their respective booths, including strategic partners sap, Intel, Accenture, solution partners hexagon, Infosys, etc., and channel partners ComNet, Wohler, PDV, etc. At the same time, it also shows innovative solutions for industry customers with Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom and other operators. Huawei's enterprise business has more than 1000 partners in Western Europe, serving important customers in Western Europe such as Daimler Benz and Deutsche Bahn

Huawei also signed cooperation agreements with a series of important partners on CeBIT, covering the fields of smart city, cloud computing, channel cooperation, system integration, training and certification

shows the one-stop innovative ICT products and solutions based on Cloud Architecture, enabling customers to achieve agile innovation

CeBIT 2016 Huawei booth panorama

the force measuring structure of horizontal tensile testing machine is only mechanical and electronic. New ICT technologies such as cloud computing, big data, SDN, IOT are changing enterprise ICT systems, helping enterprises simplify business processes and improve business agility and response speed, At the same time, reduce costs

at CeBIT 2016, Huawei released a number of important products and solutions, including: the world's first 32-way open architecture minicomputer, which can meet the demanding requirements of key businesses on performance and reliability, help enterprises accelerate the pace of innovation and change, and become a leader in the era of digital economy; The industry's first multi-level intelligent control lighting IOT solution can accurately control each street lamp, truly realize on-demand lighting, and the energy-saving efficiency is as high as 80%; The all-optical Park solution adopts the all-optical network as the park convergence access layer to build a new park network that is more flat, easy to deploy and business integration. In addition, IMS networks, a French ISP, announced the adoption of Huawei ne40e high-end router products and wide area SDN solutions to build a new generation of IP backbone, providing enterprise customers with the best wide area services to meet the challenges of digital transformation

Huawei exhibited products and solutions based on new ICT technologies such as cloud computing, big data, SDN and IOT in CeBIT 2016, including eight star products such as high-end storage and data center switches, seven hot solutions such as cloud data center, IOT, agile network and SDN, and eight industry solutions such as smart city, Finance and intelligent manufacturing

CeBIT 2016 was held at the exhibition center in Hannover, Germany, from March 14 to 18. Huawei booth is located in booth B54 of hall 2

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