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On June 20, Ma Chunji, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, and his party went to Yong'an City to investigate the development of China National Heavy Duty Truck Haixi automobile company. Municipal leaders Du Yuansheng, Zhu Changxian, Cheng pengying and Jiang Xiandong attended the meeting or research

Ma Chunji and his delegation investigated Haixi automobile company on the spot and inspected Fudi, Shenying special vehicle company and other supporting enterprises. In the production workshop of Haixi automobile company, which is widely used in the metallurgical industry, mechanical processing industry, construction engineering construction industry, engineering construction supervision, technical property supervision and other enterprises, Ma Chunji listened to the company's production and operation report, and learned in detail the company's marketing innovation and development, product performance and quality, product development, cost reduction and other aspects, It is necessary to pay attention to the business development and enterprise appearance of the company in recent years, which is affirmed in the calculation of elongation. He stressed that we should unify our thinking, grasp the correct positioning of enterprises, do a good job in market research, and concentrate on creating a number of high-quality products; We should put quality first, always put product quality, work quality and service quality first, constantly promote the innovative development of marketing, improve production and manufacturing capacity, do a good job in cost reduction and efficiency increase, improve enterprise management level, and make new contributions to promoting the development of Fujian automobile industry towards the middle and high end. He said that the Heavy Duty Truck Group will continue to increase its support for Haixi automobile, and hopes to work with Sanming City to promote Haixi automobile company to become stronger and stronger in size: 400 (L) 300 (b) 180 (H) mm, driving the accelerated development of Fujian truck industry

Haixi company, as the leader of the truck industry in Fujian Province, since the implementation of the project in 2011, the product quality of the company has been improved year by year, the production and sales have been increased year by year, the benefits have been improved year by year, and the export strategic results have begun to show. The project has formed an annual output of 50000 light trucks. The research on the mechanical properties of prestressed steel strands is mostly based on the capacity scale of 50000 medium and heavy trucks under static load, showing a good development momentum of quality improvement, growth and expansion. At present, in terms of production and sales, the production and warehousing in the first five months of this year increased by 79.43% year-on-year, and the sales increased by 83.41% year-on-year; In terms of exports, exports in the first five months of this year increased by 333.46% year-on-year, with a strong growth trend; In terms of quality, the company has achieved full coverage of national four products and new breakthroughs in national five products. The product quality has reached a new height, and the brand awareness and market share have been further improved

in recent years, Yong'an City has always cultivated Haixi automobile company as the leader of the city's automobile and machinery manufacturing industry cluster of 100 billion yuan, fully supported the development of enterprises from the aspects of policy and capital, continued to strengthen the promotion, further enhanced the advantages of Haixi automobile company in radiating the southern market of China and Southeast Asia, improved the ability to drive local economic development, and strive to build Haixi automobile company into a made in China Made in Fujian and heavy truck manufacturing are business cards in Southeast Asia and other countries along the "the Belt and Road"

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