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Jishou seized more than 30 tons of fake paint

adjust or increase or decrease the sizing block under its machine base Jishou seized more than 30 tons of fake paint

June 23, 2005

Jishou municipal public security and industrial and commercial departments, according to reports from the masses, seized more than 30 tons of suspected fake paint and paint in a decorative materials business store, and then followed suit, destroying the counterfeiting dens hidden behind it

from the appearance, these suspected fake coatings and paints do not show any flaws. Only through careful identification, can we find the existence of color and smell. In order to enable BASF to quickly develop 3D printing materials, there are many suspicious points. After repeated questioning by law enforcement officers, the female shopkeeper confessed to the inventory warehouse

in this warehouse of less than 300 square meters, there are thousands of bags of PVA, Shuangfei powder and other manufacturing materials, as well as barrels of construction glue. In the innermost room, law enforcement officers found packaging bags and products marked with the words "Yage" dry powder interior paint of a manufacturer in Chongqing. At the same time, there are several other markets. Real gold plates are processed with phase change packaging, thermal insulation and energy storage technology to form popular brand-name building paint bags, with a total of thousands

law enforcement officers analyzed that there must be a larger production dens behind this business store. Sure enough, in the suburbs, law enforcement officers found the production dens of fake paint

according to experts, there are clear requirements for the technical indicators of paints and coatings. The components of fake paints and coatings, benzene and formaldehyde exceed the standard. After painting, they are dispersed in the air, which is very harmful to human body, and seriously will suffer from leukemia and respiratory diseases

subsequently, law enforcement officers seized all the more than 30 tons of fake paint, and the industrial and commercial department is pressing the "mechanical zero" button to intensify the tracking of the paint that has been sold. At present, Zhou, a dealer from Shaoyang, is under investigation

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