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John Deere, the leader of future technology, won eight ae50 awards

John Deere, the leader of future technology, won eight ae50 awards

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Guide: the American Association of agricultural and biological engineers announced the ae50 award in 2010. John Deere has eight products that have won this authoritative award, which is the company with the most awards, among them, John Deere Tractor baler intelligent combined baling system also won the special award of the jury. American agriculture and

the American Association of agricultural and biological engineers announced the 2010 ae50 award. John Deere has eight products that won this authoritative award, and is the company that won the most awards. Among them, John Deere's "tractor baler intelligent combined baling system" also won the "special award of the jury"

the American Association of agricultural and biological engineers was founded in 1907. As an educational and scientific organization, the association aims to promote scientific and technological progress in agriculture, food, biology and related fields, with more than 9000 members in more than 100 countries around the world. The business of the association involves publishing, standards, public welfare undertakings, foundations, award selection and other matters

The ae50 award sponsored by the association has a history of more than 20 years. It aims to reward the most outstanding innovative products in agriculture, food, biology and related fields. In short, it is the most authoritative award in this field. The award-winning companies cover companies of different sizes around the world. These innovative products and technologies help users save time, cost and manpower, and provide users with better security protection

John Deere's eight award-winning products are:

tractor baler intelligent combined baling system

tractor baler intelligent combined baling system integrates the original independent tractors and farm tools to form an intelligent baling system. The system automates the manual baling operation. When the bale in the baling cabin reaches the required size, the tractor stops automatically, and then opens the cabin door to eject the bale. The automatic baling system eliminates repeated manual operations and enables the tractor to start the baling operation at the right time, so the driver's operation is more comfortable and easier to complete more tasks. By reducing errors, improve the consistency of bale size, so as to improve customer value and production efficiency. Through the bidirectional can information transmission of isobus system, the baler intelligently requests the tractor to bale, so as to improve the efficiency of Baling operation

in this way, your work can be guaranteed.

application pro application device professional software module

application pro module is a software project jointly developed by John Deere and Gran group. The purpose is to enable isobus task manager to perform unit control functions on different product platforms, which is not limited by machine brands. The system based on isobus enables the operator to effectively control the unit. The main reason for the cost reduction is the improvement of the input signal, which makes the operation of the sprayer, planter and fertilizer spreader of all manufacturers equipped with John Deere greenstar2 system compatible with isobus more accurate. In addition, the headland management system enables operators to work in the main farmland first and stop when they reach the headland to avoid repeated operations. The "product details" function enables the user to store an additional 25 bits of information about the applied product, such as the active ingredients of pesticides, so that the user can master all the information required for the best operation

planter seedstar XP seeding monitoring system

planter seedstar XP seeding monitoring system is based on seedstar 2 to comprehensively improve the monitoring performance of seeders. The new monitoring system provides drivers with more timely and accurate information about the sowing process of the bending test machine of plexiglass materials. Seed separation, row unit status, row unit downforce and seeding row spacing are several important monitoring indicators newly added to ISO 11783 compatible displays. The effective monitoring of the working state of the seeder enables the driver to adjust according to the operation situation and improve the sowing effect. With the rising price of corn seeds, it is crucial to accurately sow each seed

jdlink ultimate and service advisor remote are two independent systems, which can help users improve the performance of John Deere 8R Series tractors and help dealers provide better services to users when working together. Jdlink ultimate is an on-board communication system, which is connected with the tractor's can bus and saves important information of the machine in non can bus equipment. These data are regularly sent to the user accessible database through wireless signals. The user can then use this data to optimize machine operation and driver operation. Service advisor remote is an electronic service support tool, which connects the tractor with jdlink control unit. It enables dealers to read fault codes with wireless signals, diagnose the tractor or send updated software to the tractor control unit. These remote operation functions enable John Deere dealers to have more time to provide users with technical support services for the new 8R Series tractors

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