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Leading high-end agricultural machinery Zoomlion escorts "Sanxia"

leading high-end agricultural machinery Zoomlion escorts "Sanxia"

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Sanxia curtain opens. As a service provider for the overall solution of agricultural production mechanization, Zoomlion "Guwang" and "gengwang" have a number of technology-leading development processes from imitation to independent renovation, and new green agricultural equipment is heading to the fields, Start their service journey of "three summers"

Guwang tb60 went out again and vowed to escort the "three summers"

from the "three summers" operation in the past three years, there was an obvious upgrading trend of wheat machine models, from 4kg, 5kg to 6kg. It should be said that since 2014, 6kg wheat machine has occupied the mainstream position in the market. Based on last year's experience, this year's sales and farmers' purchase, it can be determined that the mainstream models of "three summer" in 2015 are still 5 kg and 6 kg wheat machines. The main reason is the land circulation, the expansion of farmland scale, and car designers are looking for high-efficiency models with higher temperature polymer technology to become more and more popular

it is understood that Zoomlion launched Guwang tb60 wheat machine in 2014, which was highly praised by machine operators and farmers and became the "favorite" of summer grain rush. After winning the reputation of "king of machine harvesting efficiency" in 2014, Zoomlion R & D team absorbed foreign advanced technology and launched Guwang tb60 upgraded wheat harvester with 41 core technology upgrades to the market, aiming to lead the wheat harvester market again and set a new benchmark in the industry

Guwang tb60 upgraded version is the first in the industry to adopt 920mm widening bridge, and adopts double chain harrow drive exclusively, which has strong feeding capacity, fast speed, no blockage, and greatly improves the harvesting efficiency. With the use of lengthened shaker, the scientific and technological achievements transformation and industrialization level of new materials in China urgently need to be improved. The moving plate can make the grain reach the vibrating screen, distribute more evenly, effectively improve the cleanliness of grain, and it is not easy to run grain. The chain wheel of the feeding auger is fastened with a hub type, with anti movement and anti roll keys, which makes the operation more secure. The whole machine adopts sand and dust pre filter, and the cleaning and replacement cycle of the main filter element can be extended by more than 3 times, which reduces the number of maintenance and has higher reliability; The industry's first intake type high-temperature water tank heat dissipation and dust removal shield, which reduces the number of cleaning during operation and is convenient for maintenance; Using the rectangular tube belt radiator, it is more convenient to clean the dust in the water tank and effectively prevent the high temperature of the water tank. Equipped with a 240L large oil tank, it can meet the machine harvesting operation for a day. According to the needs of users, three kinds of grain unloading devices, including electric control hidden, extension hydraulic and embedded hydraulic, can be selected, and the model with lower cutter can also be selected. It can be seen that Guwang tb60 is an innovative product launched in full combination with the needs of users

industry experts said that if it is only used for wheat harvesting, 125 HP engine is enough. If users choose 2.75 meter header or assemble baler, double cutter, etc., 140 HP engine can be used. Further increase in engine power will only increase unnecessary fuel consumption. Guwang tb60 pays great attention to fuel economy and environmental protection in design. It is equipped with high-quality professional engines in the industry as standard, which is completely for the sake of users. At the same time, due to the heavy working load of the six kilogram wheat machine, the main parts have been comprehensively optimized

Kaifeng agricultural machine operator Wang Hongyi is a loyal fan of "Guwang wheat machine". According to him, he has used Guwang 5kg model to Guwang 6kg model. "Guwang is really good at using it. It collects quickly and cleanly, and makes a lot of money. Last year, I used Guwang. I made a net profit of 60000 yuan from a trip across the region." Wang Hongyi said. "Now there are more and more harvesters running on the road during the wheat harvest, and the competition is very fierce. It is necessary to choose a reliable harvester. I heard that the upgraded version of Guwang 6kg was released this year. I have made a special trip to see it several times and found that the upgraded version has made new design improvements and upgrading optimization in many places, which is more efficient."

won wide recognition with advanced technology

"the performance of Guwang pl40 harvester comprehensively upgraded this year is really eye-catching. It is not only equipped with high-strength lower cutter, large-diameter threshing drum, and extended thresher, but also equipped with vibrating screen, conveying trough, crusher and other devices, which makes the machine work more widely and have more reliable performance." Xiaoyoubing, President of Zhanpeng agricultural machinery special cooperative in Yibin County, Sichuan Province, commented on Zoomlion Guwang pl40

different from previous years, this year's rape field in Yibin County, Sichuan Province has a "green" landscape. Guwang pl40 with rape header is walking fast in the field and has become the "harvesting expert" of this year's rape harvest season

in this year's harvest season, President Xiao calculated that Guwang harvester harvests 5 ~ 8 mu of rape per hour, which is more than 40 times more efficient than manual harvest. After spending two hours collecting his own rape, President Xiao began to harvest rape for the surrounding villagers, which is expected to harvest 600 mu this year. At the same time, the biggest advantage of Guwang pl40 harvester is that it can harvest rice and other crops after adjusting the machine. After one year, the income is really not small

Guwang pl40 has been widely recognized by the market with its excellent performance. At the recent "national rape production mechanization on-site demonstration meeting" of the Ministry of agriculture, Zoomlion brought rape production mechanization products including Guwang pl40 harvester, Guwang dryer, gengwang tractor, etc., and demonstrated the rape harvesting, drying, machine tillage and trenching and other links on site

after seeing that Guwang pl40 harvester cut down one crop of rape and sent it to the machine, the rapeseed was threshed and separated, and the straw was crushed and returned to the field, experts and insiders on the scene witnessed the "super" performance of Guwang pl40 with fast harvest speed, low loss rate and high cleanliness. In this regard, Wang Luofang, director of Hunan Agricultural Machinery Bureau, praised Guwang for its clean rape harvest

after harvest, Zoomlion's Guwang DF120 dryer has entered the rape drying state in advance. According to the on-site staff, it only takes 10 hours to dry all the 12 tons of rapeseed in the dryer. Compared with the previous manual drying, which takes at least 2 days, and requires good weather and large drying sites, it not only saves time, but also dries evenly, which greatly improves the storage efficiency of crops

it is understood that Guwang DF120 low-temperature mixed flow dryer demonstrated this time is a new generation product launched by Zoomlion dryer R & D team according to the characteristics of crop planting in different regions in China. Its unique mixed flow drying technology has achieved good control over the drying of oil crops and high drying efficiency; Low temperature circulation technology ensures the quality of oil crops without destroying the structure of rapeseed itself. Then, gengwang rm604 tractor equipped with a ditcher came to the field for cultivation. The rape field that was originally covered with fine straw became loose, and the gap between ditching was neat, which could lead to the ponding in the field after the harvest of late rice, so as to facilitate the sowing of rape

Zoomlion's series of innovative products, with efficient performance, not only "conquered" crops, but also conquered the critical eyes of all participants in the demonstration. According to the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion agricultural machinery, these high-end products of Zoomlion will give full play to their efficient services in this year's "three summer" battle

leading harvesters into a new era of high efficiency and high return

recently, Zoomlion Guwang 8000A multi-functional large feed grain combine harvester was delivered to local users in Yili, Xinjiang. Guwang 8000A is a leading agricultural machinery product launched by Zoomlion. Its high efficiency and high-yield characteristics will become the trump card "weapon" in the upcoming "three summer" harvest conference in Ili, Xinjiang

Guwang 8000 Series is the largest feeding harvester participating in summer harvest operations in China at present. This is the fourth consecutive year that this series of grain harvesters provide machinery for large grain growers, family farms, professional farms, etc. to harvest coke in Hebei region, which is reducing 30 services, and continues to lead China's grain harvest to the development of large feeding, high-end and specialization

"with the steady progress of rural land circulation and the continuous development of large-scale land management, large-scale feeding and high-efficiency harvesters are welcomed by agricultural machinery professional cooperatives, family farms and professional farms. Zoomlion Guwang 8000 Series large-scale feeding harvesters are not only favored by major farms in the Central Plains and grain farmers everywhere, but also recognized by large-scale farms in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Northeast China and so on." The relevant person in charge of Zoomlion Heavy machinery company said

it is reported that Guwang 8000A is mainly suitable for large-scale farm combined harvesting operations. Its unique design of Double Longitudinal axial-flow threshing drum fully integrates European mechanical technology. The feeding amount is more than 8 kg per second, and the maximum feeding amount can reach 10 kg per second

in addition, the industry-leading dual longitudinal axial flow flexible separation technology has small internal loss of grains, low crushing rate, cleaner cleaning and better performance. The application of hydrostatic drive, new intelligent sensing technology, four-wheel drive, sprinkling and other technologies makes the product more reliable and adaptable. At the same time, it can realize grain unloading while walking, ensuring that the summer harvest operation is more efficient and faster. By changing different headers, you can harvest corn seeds, rice, wheat, soybeans and other crops, and realize multiple uses of one machine

as the region with the highest yield of agricultural machinery at present, China's grain harvester market has fluctuated at a high level on a large total base for several consecutive years. With the increasing saturation of the market, users pay more attention to the operation income, and also put forward higher requirements for the performance, efficiency and reliability of the harvester. Zoomlion "Guwang" 8000A will lead a new era of high efficiency and high return

the "made in China 2025" issued on May 19 clearly pointed out that the development of advanced agricultural machinery and equipment used in the production process of grain and strategic cash crops, such as crop breeding, farming, planting, management, harvesting, transportation and storage, should be focused on, and the development of high-end agricultural equipment and key core components should be accelerated. This coincides with the development idea of Zoomlion agricultural machinery business

judging from a series of successful products such as Guwang tb60, pl40 and 8000A, Zoomlion will obviously be more calm in the future in the face of the policy dividend of "made in China 2025" with its layout of high-end agricultural machinery and deep technical accumulation

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