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Industrial textiles: there is no doubt about the expectation, and the details need to be solved in particular.

-- the real mentality of industrial textiles enterprises in the face of the 12th Five Year Plan -

in addition, the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of industrial textiles has been published for nearly a month. After full preheating, the official introduction of the plan has a taste of verifying the previous speculation. After carefully reading and studying the planning content, most enterprises convey to us the feeling that the previously discovered opportunities will become greater opportunities, and the previously worried problems will be gradually alleviated with the implementation of the planning objectives. Confidence and expectations basically do not need to be exaggerated. Enterprises have long been "the prophet of spring river water heating duck" in their respective fields; Doubts and concerns need special attention, because enterprises are the main body to promote the realization of planning goals. More technical problems and implementation details need to be further clarified and implemented, and need to be continuously improved in the process of implementing the plan

orderly development of the new market order

□ Zhu Dequan, general manager of Hangzhou Xiaoshan Hangmin nonwovens Co., Ltd.

looking at the "12th Five Year Plan" of industrial textiles, we can see that the industry has been developing at an average growth rate of 19% in the first five years, which is the result achieved under the influence of the financial storm; After scientific prediction in the next five years, industrial textiles will usher in a new period of high-speed development. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for airmen

first, the plan points out the direction for the development of nonwoven enterprises in the next five years, which coincides with our strategic thinking. We believe that the future development should have a place for airmen. We will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and strive to expand to some high value-added new material fields on the basis of maintaining existing advantages

second, planning is a "tonic". Airmen will strive to expand the scale of the enterprise again within 1-2 years, and earnestly shoulder the historical mission of backbone enterprises to continue to become stronger, better and stronger

we can see that in recent years, the industry has developed rapidly with the strong promotion of national policies for textile products such as impact with a small experimental force, but the rapid development of individual industries has exposed a series of problems

I hope the association will first further strengthen the correct guidance of the industry and develop in an orderly manner. Because disorderly development and mass action will lead to disorderly industries; If it blooms everywhere, scattered will lead to chaos and chaos will lead to weakness. We can only expand the base, but we cannot strengthen the industry. Secondly, we should speed up the establishment of a new market order. Due to the repeated construction of production lines in the early stage of the industry and the similarity of products, the intense competition is intensifying internal friction. To fight against the outside world, we must first settle in. Only by integrating internal forces and working together, can we more effectively participate in international competition

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