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Industrial software: hidden in the market, great form Is beyond shape

on April 16, 2018, the Bureau of industry and security of the U.S. Department of Commerce announced a ban on ZTE, banning all U.S. enterprises and all U.S. - related enterprises from conducting any business with ZTE for seven years from that date, and all chips and software imported by ZTE from the United States were blocked. A few weeks after the incident, ZTE announced on May 9 that its main business activities could not be carried out. Now exactly two months have passed, it is possible to settle this matter under the circumstances of paying a fine of $1billion, a deposit of $400million, changing all members of the company's board of directors and agreeing to the supervision and operation of the United States. However, there are still doubts about when it will happen

as soon as the incident broke out, it triggered a public sense of crisis and serious concern about China's high-tech industry. For a long time, many core technologies in China's high-tech industry have been controlled by others, not only chips, not only ZTE, not just this time. The open and hidden arrows against Chinese enterprises have been shooting. In fact, in many fields of industrial products, the lifeblood of many products has been controlled by foreign countries, and many core technologies have been unable to be controlled independently. Especially in the field of industrial software, it has been controlled by foreign software for decades, which is worse than equipment and chips, but the public usually can't feel it. The reason why they can't feel it is because they can't see it, and they ignore, despise or ignore it because they can't see it

however, it is extremely important not to see it for a moment, which is exactly one of the basic attributes of software

software: hidden in the city, great form Is beyond shape

software, hidden in the city, invisible. Can't see, touch, taste. Therefore, many people ignore, despise or ignore it

but software, like air to human beings, makes countless devices in human society operate at a normal high speed with correct logic to maintain the normal operation of social infrastructure, which is indispensable for a moment. Today, a society without software is an unimaginable paralysis

forty years ago, software was only an appendage of chips, and its scope of action was limited to single-chip computers. Ordinary people did not know that there was such a thing as software

thirty years ago, software began to emerge. Its scope of action is limited to gadgets in the operating system. Everyone's impression of software is just counting or playing games

twenty years ago, people began to pay attention to the application of computers, because software can't be touched and visible like hardware, and it can't be made into fixed assets. Therefore, many enterprise leaders are willing to spend money to buy a large room of computers and put them there, which is beautiful and dignified. As for software, the leader's idea is to copy a few pirated copies for use, or to say lightly: the software is not easy to do, so it costs tens of thousands of yuan to find a few software learners to develop it

Design of host and auxiliary equipment of computer tensile testing machine

in recent ten years, software has entered the machine on a large scale, become a soft part in the machine, and then become the brain and nerve of the machine, dominating the operation logic of the machine world; At the same time, the development of any complex product has been inseparable from the support of software means. Since then, the world can no longer lack software. These two kinds of software are collectively referred to as industrial software

Marc Andreessen, the founder of Jing and a famous investor in Silicon Valley, believes that: the computer revolution 60 years ago, the invention of microprocessor 40 years ago, and the rise of interconnection 20 years ago, all these technologies have finally changed various industries through software, and have been widely promoted all over the world. His research conclusion is just like the title of his article "software is devouring the whole world"

industrial software is quite different from it software

if you simply say software, many people think that software belongs to it. The most frightening thing is that not only many enterprise leaders think so, but also the leaders in charge of the government and senior decision makers think so! Once upon a time, when it was said that we should pay more attention to industrial software and study the problems of industrial software, relevant leaders would find a large number of IT professionals to discuss a lot of it related problems together

I really want to cry out repeatedly with thunderous volume:

software is software, industrial software is industrial software

the first attribute of industrial software is not it! Industrial software surname worker

the author must emphasize that industrial software is a typical high-end industrial product, which is first composed of industrial technology! Developing industrial software is a professional knowledge that integrates industrial knowledge and know-how. Engineers who have no industrial knowledge, no manufacturing experience and only studied computer software cannot design advanced industrial software

luzhongji, a senior expert in the domestic software industry, once said that without distinctive core technologies, it is difficult to reflect value. For industrial software, we should not only be familiar with the industry background, but also have a variety of practical experience and a lot of implicit knowledge and judgment. This investment is enormous. The annual R & D investment of ANSYS, the world's largest CAE manufacturer, is about $300million, that is, 2billion yuan per year. It circulates every year and continues to do so

if we can dissect software like dissecting the human body, when we open the body of the software, the first thing we see is industrial technology

the World Intellectual Property Organization pointed out in the "license trade manual for developing countries" that technology is the systematic knowledge of manufacturing a product, a process used or a service provided, whether this knowledge is reflected in an invention, a shape design, a utility model or a new plant variety, or in technical intelligence or skills, or in experts' design, installation Services or assistance provided for the establishment or maintenance of a factory or for the management of an industrial and commercial enterprise or its activities

industrial technology is the sum of industrial knowledge and technology accumulated in hundreds of years of industrial development, and it is one of the important signs of the completion of industrialization. The domain knowledge, industry knowledge, professional knowledge, personal knowledge, work experience and know-how of all walks of life in the industry, including standards and specifications, all belong to the category of industrial knowledge

the software contains countless technological inventions and experience accumulated by tens of thousands of people, which has been proved to be effective by practice. Moreover, after repeated research and development and optimization by tens of thousands of people, the functions continue to evolve iteratively, and no individual or small group of knowledge can compete with it. More importantly, this evolutionary process takes time to accumulate gradually, and cannot be achieved overnight

at present, there is a consensus in the industry that the stage of human social development can be crossed (for example, Tibet directly enters the socialist society from the serf society), but the development process of industrialization, especially the stage of technology accumulation, cannot be crossed

it can be seen that there is no deep accumulation of industrial technology without experiencing a complete industrialization process; Without industrial technology accumulation and massive R & D investment, excellent industrial software cannot be developed. Without excellent industrial software, excellent industrial products cannot be developed. This is the real industrial logic and the basic interpretation of industrial software

the world is developing at the speed of software

for hundreds of years, the world has been developing at the speed of materials. People in industry often say: one generation of materials, one generation of equipment. The technological innovation of materials and the development of equipment/products always interact and promote each other. However, although this industrial law still continues to be effective, it has made more plastics with excellent performance become packaging materials, which has been superimposed with another industrial development law of higher level and faster iteration speed: a generation of software and a generation of equipment

in physical space, it is still a generation of materials and equipment, while in cyberspace, it is already a generation of software and equipment. Moreover, the development speed of software is much faster than that of materials. Software is increasingly manipulating physical devices with unique precision programs, defining manufacturing and management processes, and even defining manufacturing. When people, machines, objects and business activities in enterprises have their digital twins, when all kinds of data in enterprises flow on the digital main line, and when software is everywhere, we can almost assert that today's world is developing at the speed of software

a powerful evidence is the change in the list of global listed companies. The top five companies have become all emerging high-tech companies from Silicon Valley with a strong software background from more than a decade ago, most of which are traditional giant companies with a century of accumulation in energy, finance, retail and so on. It can be seen that software, as a new driving force for enterprise development, has an extraordinary accelerating effect on enterprises

Figure 1 the top five listed companies in the world are software companies

not only emerging high-tech companies are taking the lead in the world, but also established traditional companies are accelerating their digital transformation. Judging from the number of lines of code, Lockheed Martin, a super arms dealer, has surpassed Microsoft to become the world's largest software company. Siemens is already the second largest software enterprise in Europe. 60% of Rockwell's employees are software developers. Ge once announced that it would become the world's largest software company in the next five years. Tesla s series models have more than 400million lines of software code, and the software cost accounts for more than 40% of the whole vehicle

in China, the development process of software led high-tech companies has also proved this. The growth rate of bat and other enterprises is much higher than that of traditional enterprises

industrial software is the core software equipment with strategic significance

in those visible or invisible corners, software is playing a role that we can't imagine or imagine

auxiliary development products large enterprises in production place the microphone of the sound level meter horizontally facing the sound source 1.0m away from the experimental machine. In the product development, computer-aided software has long been used as a digital development tool. According to the article "digitalization past, present and future" by Ning Zhenbo, the chief consultant of AVIC information technology center, Boeing began to use 3D digitalization technology in 1986 to carry out the following tasks: hydraulic pipeline system, 3D conceptual design and spatial layout of pd41 segment, rb211 3D digital prototype and manufacturing, 3D production process, V22 pipeline circuit coordination and verification, 3D manufacturing process of flight module, segment digital pre assembly The 43 segment 3D design and manufacturing process and the 100% 3D design process of the 77741 end cockpit have been applied and verified. Thus, the research and development efficiency is greatly improved and the product accuracy is improved. Compared with the previous 767 aircraft, the development cycle of the Boeing 777 aircraft is reduced from 12 years to 4.5 years, and the quality of the first Boeing 777 aircraft is better than that of the 400th Boeing 747 aircraft that has been built for 24 years

Suo Weiwei, President of the company Li Yizhang, wrote an article introducing that the whole development process of Boeing 787 uses more than 8000 kinds of software, of which less than 1000 are commercial software, and the rest 7000 kinds of software are private software accumulated by Boeing for many years, including the core engineering technology of Boeing. With such software, Boeing can develop a world-class aircraft without anyone. NASA, together with Ge, Pratt Whitney and other companies, has developed

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