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On August 18, the 14th China International Software Cooperation Forum, sponsored by the China Institute of electronic information industry development and the China Industrial Software Industry Development Alliance and co organized by the Chengdu industrialization and industrialization integration enterprise alliance, was held in Chengdu. The status of the Internet + Manufacturing Forum in the Chengdu Century grounding installation as scheduled should facilitate the convening of the International Conference Center of the connection city

with the theme of industrial software helping interconnection + manufacturing, the forum focuses on the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing in made in China 2025, the guiding opinions of the State Council on deepening the integration and development of manufacturing and interconnection, the interconnection + action plan of the Ministry of industry and information Technology (year), and other relevant contents, focusing on the cultivation of new production modes such as networking and service, and discussing open R & D and design, new production and manufacturing Evonik in the transformation of the service industry has strengthened its good image platform development as a reliable partner and will need the manufacturing industry to make great progress and Pentium applications. It will share the industrial big data platform and the core software of the manufacturing industry, so as to be very beneficial to scientific research and teaching, as well as excellent industrial software solutions and successful business models in key application fields such as machinery, automobile, electronics and electrical, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, Help manufacturing enterprises deeply understand the new ideas and new ways of Internet + and stimulate the new momentum of the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

this forum was presided over by Du Jingzhe, Executive Deputy Secretary General of the China Industrial Software Industry Development Alliance. Fu Yongbao, deputy director of the software industry division of the informatization and software service industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and Zheng Jun, director of the network management and informatization promotion division of the Chengdu Economic and Information Technology Commission attended the meeting and delivered a speech, respectively explaining the development of informatization and software service industry in the country and Chengdu, And give direction guidance to the transformation and development of manufacturing industry under the new situation. At the same time, excellent domestic enterprises such as Zhongwang Longteng Software Co., Ltd., Wanguo Data Service Co., Ltd., Shandong Shanda Huatian Software Co., Ltd., Boyan longsiyun information technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Baidu, Beijing Languang Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu Digital union Technology Co., Ltd. gathered at this forum to focus on the related topics of Internet + manufacturing, from cloud center, big data, IOT In depth experience sharing and case discussion have been carried out from different perspectives such as intelligent factory and intelligent manufacturing, which provides a useful reference for the reform and development of China's manufacturing industry at this stage

the participants believed that at present, China should give full play to its dual advantages of active Internet application innovation, leading industrial scale, talent capital accumulation and complete, independent, complete and large-scale manufacturing industry. There is an urgent need to integrate Internet technology, software technology, automation technology and new service modes into the application of all links and fields of manufacturing industry, and build a cross domain, collaborative and networked manufacturing innovation system, Provide basic support for realizing the grand blueprint of made in China 2025

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