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Four paper-making groups will be established in important industrial towns, one of which has a capacity of nearly 600000 tons

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core tip: Liushouying Town, Funing District, Qinhuangdao City, which wants to integrate the paper-making industry, has heard new news recently. According to the announcement issued by the local government, the paper industry park, covering a total area of 1645 mu, is expected to integrate the paper industry. Recently, new news came out from Liushouying Town, Funing District, Qinhuangdao city. According to the announcement issued by the local government, the overall planning of the paper industry park covering a total area of 1645 Mu has achieved preliminary results. The local paper enterprises will form four paper groups, one of which has been established with a capacity of nearly 600000 tons

the local paper industry will be integrated

Liushouying Town, Funing District, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, got its name because wusangui troops camped here at the end of the Ming Dynasty. It governs 53 administrative villages, with a total area of 89.70 square kilometers and a total population of 53000. In the 1980s, the paper industry in Funing rose, and most of the paper mills were concentrated in Liushouying Town, which made this area famous in the paper industry for a time

according to the previous report of China good packaging, many local paper-making enterprises have gradually disappeared from the industry due to factors such as stricter environmental protection requirements and fierce market competition. Therefore, the government of Funing district decided to plan the construction of paper industry park. In December, 2018, Funing Liushouying Industrial Park received the approval of Qinhuangdao Municipal People's Government: the planned area of the industrial park is 1945 mu, and the projects sensitive to processing temperature are strictly checked

on April 1st, 2020, the people's Government of liushouying town in Funing District unveiled the preliminary plan for the construction of the industrial park in liushouying. According to the announcement, the early planning scope of the park: East to the west of the expressway, South to the north of the expressway, West to the Cunjian Road on the west side of the Likai new plant, north to the south of the little yellow river loop, and the planned area becomes 1645 mu

according to the requirements, the paper-making enterprises outside the park are planned to form an enterprise group, with Fengman paperboard, Yunfang paper and former hanhongjia as the backbone, and Yuantai paper, panguanying paperboard and Fannan paper as the backbone, respectively; In the past, Korean paper was the backbone to establish another enterprise group

it is planned to establish four paper-making groups

after two months, new progress has been made in the event, and the original plan has also changed. On June 1, the people's Government of Funing District announced that at present, four paper enterprises have been integrated into a paper group with a capacity of 585800 tons. At the same time, it is planned to set up three paper-making groups, mainly Fengman, Yuantai and qianhan, and integrate them into the park

the Bureau of science, technology and industry and information technology of the district has comprehensively promoted the upgrading of the paper industry

first, scientific planning and deployment. Hire professional institutions to prepare the development plan of the paper industry. The "implementation plan for the transformation and withdrawal of papermaking glass fiber" was formulated and issued, which comprehensively planned and deployed the development of the papermaking industry

second, carry out resource integration. After several rounds of organization, four enterprises, Huayun, Likai, fuze and Hengrui, have been integrated into a paper group with a capacity of 585800 tons. It is planned to establish three paper-making groups, mainly Fengman, Yuantai and qianhan, and integrate and relocate into the park

third, promote the standardized agglomeration development of paper enterprises. A paper industry park with a total area of 1645 Mu has been planned. The overall planning of the park has achieved preliminary results, and the planning EIA is being prepared. Infrastructure construction has been included in the key construction projects of the District, and the project proposal has been approved. In order to solve the problem of heat supply in the park, Huadian Funing 2 was introduced × 25 MW back pressure cogeneration unit and supporting heat projects. The preliminary preparations for the heat supply agreement between the project party and the paper enterprise, the calculation and transfer of coal-fired indicators, the site selection in the park, and the financing of project construction have been basically completed

fourth, actively introduce large-scale papermaking projects. It has been connected with the large paper enterprise projects of Shanghai Taisheng group for many times. We went to the Provincial Department of industry and information technology to consult the policies on the production capacity of enterprises, which solved the worries of paper enterprises

from this latest plan, Funing district government attaches great importance to the paper industry, not only has it carried out several rounds of organizational promotion, but also has further expanded in the original idea. The several paper enterprises involved are local enterprises larger in scale than those involved in the establishment of China Automotive Lightweight non-metallic materials industry alliance, covering various fields such as packaging paper and household paper, which is easy to produce agglomeration effect

according to "Chinese paper workers 10) users can choose the singoreport report system independently developed by our company to print the 2019 annual report of the report industry", the output of paper and paperboard in Hebei Province in 2019 was 2.05 million tons, and there were few large paper enterprises in the whole province. The re establishment of several paper-making groups in Liushouying Town, Funing district by pressing the "return" button may have an impact on this situation, and may even directly compete with Hebei Jiulong paper industry

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