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Wuhan coating industry and optical fiber industry industry supporting problems highlight

Wuhan coating industry and optical fiber industry supporting problems highlight

December 28, 2012

[China coating information] Wuhan is the largest production base of optical fiber in China, with an annual output of more than 35 million core kilometers of optical fiber, accounting for 40% of the total output of the country. The annual demand for optical fiber coating is about 2million tons, all of which are purchased from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing and abroad

a person from Wuhan Fiberhome technology group told: "at present, the biggest difficulty faced by Wuhan's optical fiber industry is mainly reflected in the industrial supporting problems, not only high-end, optical fiber outer coating, which no large-scale enterprise in Wuhan can provide. Therefore, we can only purchase from Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions or abroad, which directly leads to the increase of transportation costs and the extension of supply cycle."

it is understood that in the optical fiber manufacturing industry, the cost of optical fiber coating is only second to that of optical rods, accounting for about 10% of the total cost of raw materials. According to the calculation that 55 grams of coating is needed to produce one core kilometer of optical fiber, Wuhan local optical fiber enterprises alone create a huge market of nearly 20 billion yuan every year

Changfei optical fiber and cable Co., Ltd. said: "as early as the main adjustment of the spot market of steel raw materials on September 29, 209, in 2008, the optical fiber coating produced by Hubei Chemical Research Institute was tried. However, due to the large particles and more impurities, it was not selected in the end."

she Wanyun, a chemical research institute who once participated in the development of optical fiber coatings, told: "we have studied optical fiber coatings since the 1980s, and the production line has invested tens of millions of yuan. If it is produced at full capacity, it can meet the needs of local coatings."

on the one hand, it is like the "ardent expectation" of the balance weighing optical fiber enterprise, on the other hand, it is the "ambition is difficult to extend" of the coating R & D unit. Industry insiders analyzed: "to solve the long-standing problem of industrial supporting, both supply and demand sides need to make efforts. Optical fiber enterprises should give opportunities. There are no technical difficulties in coating, but industrial production generally requires a month of running in period; coating enterprises should not passively 'wait for the market', but should actively improve technology 'grab the market'."

according to a person from Wuhan Information Industry Office, "in many industrial parks, we don't need to detect the material structure. In the early stage of investment attraction, we can give the revised value under the banner of 'industrial supporting', but it is difficult to implement in practical work, because indicators such as return rate and tax amount cover the needs of industrial supporting."

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