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Industrial software is the bridge from "made in China" to "created in China"

the era of localization of industrial software is coming, and Chinese manufacturing industry is about to use Chinese chips! At the 13th science and Technology Expo manufacturing informatization summit held recently, the declaration of a Chinese enterprise representative attracted a lot of applause from experts and insiders

the enterprise representative who made an impassioned statement was Yang Chaoying, chairman of Huatian software, one of the leading domestic industrial software enterprises. He revealed yesterday that the new generation of industrial software cad/cam system jointly developed by Huatian software and uel in Japan has completed the research and development of the second generation sinovision version 2.0, and it is expected to be fully market-oriented next year. This means that China has owned the cad/cam system with independent intellectual property rights for the first time, which will input Chinese blood into the heart of manufacturing enterprises

how important is industrial software to manufacturing enterprises? For example, experts pointed out that a small Japanese brand, then how should we do the tensile test of the laces? The price of digital cameras is more than 3000 yuan, of which nearly seven are from the contribution of software design, and the products are constantly upgraded to improve the added value, which is also based on the original industrial software. Customers understand the experimental machine and study it carefully. Many experts at the meeting pointed out that industrial software is the soul and foundation of realizing the informatization of China's manufacturing industry. Only through industrial software can industrialization in the traditional sense of mechanization, electrification and automation be transformed into industrialization in the sense of digitalization, intelligence, networking and other informatization

however, insiders pointed out that at present, the industrial software cad/cam systems used by Chinese manufacturing enterprises can automatically carry out continuous pressure loading according to the given program and import at a high price, while some small enterprises have to look for fake software due to cost constraints, which further squeezed the living space of domestic industrial software

from made in China to created in China, industrial software is a bridge. Yang Chaoying said that despite the difficult start, sinovision 2.0, a domestic CAD software launched by Huatian software, has more than 2000 installed units and more than 150 formal users. Experts said that the large-scale application of domestic industrial software is expected to change the invisible champion status of China's manufacturing industry in the international market, which only accounts for the number but not the brand advantage

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