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Midea's industrial structure is advancing towards the middle and high-end, and the robot industry accelerates its layout.

you can prepare a healthy, rich and Personalized Party meal in 40 minutes. Midea's future kitchen can realize such a dream. It takes less than 2 minutes for a small robot to take the glass to confirm the source of abrasive particles, wash the glass, open the beer and fill a glass of beer. This kind of service robot will soon be used in the Chinese market

the future kitchen represents Midea's promotion of the upgrading of the home appliance industry through intelligence; Robot is the second track for Midea to seek future performance growth. At the 2017 Midea Strategy Conference of Zhiqi future held in Shanghai on March 8, Fang Hongbo, chairman of Midea Group, and the head of the group made an appearance, and described to people the new development prospect of intelligent upgrading of household appliance industry + global layout of robot industry, and the industrial structure moved towards the middle and high end

Zhiqi users' traditional household appliances are moving towards the middle and high end

many consumers expressed great interest in smart home products, from the improvement of single product intelligence to intelligent interconnection, returning to the users themselves, and focusing on user needs, and intelligent scene has become the focus of the current smart home landing

at the supply side structural reform conference held in Foshan, Guangdong Province in May last year, Lu Yi, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, pointed out that Foshan should adhere to optimization in promoting the supply side structural reform. Therefore, there is almost no loss of product stock, guiding increment and active reduction. By using the method of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, we can achieve the progress and retreat of the industrial structure, the elimination and expansion of the fittest, and speed up the construction of a high-quality supply system

in this regard, Midea firmly grasps the needs of users and the demand side, and takes the lead in building a future kitchen through intelligence to provide users with medium and high-end supplies. At the press conference, Hu Ziqiang, vice president of Midea Group, showed how the kitchen in the future can intelligently and happily prepare a healthy, rich and Personalized Party meal in 40 minutes; At the same time, using artificial intelligence technology, the whole process of health management is displayed through the health cloud platform

the kitchen in the future will not only make cooking interesting and convenient, but also make intelligence serve the health of users. In the future, kitchen is an important achievement of Midea smart home. While upgrading users' lifestyle, it may also reshape the ecological chain and business model of kitchen electricity industry. Hu Ziqiang said

as a combination of physical kitchen and virtual kitchen, the future kitchen, on the one hand, reflects the hardware advantages of beauty. For example, the fully intelligent rice cooker can automatically feed water, automatically wash rice, accurately match rice and water, and operate with one button to ensure that the rice is sweet and delicious. On the other hand, it also reveals Midea's late developing advantages in artificial intelligence, that is, Midea's brain, big data and health cloud. In the future, the kitchen will bring intelligence into life and bring health and happiness to users

Zhiqi future links global science and technology resources

with the help of the remote connection exhibition, the release site shows the real scene of a smart factory. Equipment automation, production transparency, logistics intelligence, management mobility, and decision-making digitalization. Wu Shoubao, deputy general manager of Midea's home air conditioning division, summarized the essence of Midea's intelligent manufacturing from five dimensions. Under the c2m (consumer to manufacturer) manufacturing mode, which is reverse customization, the customer can complete the order within 12 days from placing the order to receiving the goods, and can track the whole order

the "overall plan for Foshan supply side structural reform (year)" issued by Foshan last year proposed that through three years of efforts, Foshan's supply side structural reform has made important progress, the development factors have changed from traditional factors to innovative factors, and the industrial division of labor has changed from the middle and low end of the value chain to the middle and high end, forming a supply system with rich levels, high quality and efficiency, prominent characteristics and strong competitiveness, The reputation of Foshan manufacturing has been further improved to achieve a new supply-demand balance at a higher level

technological innovation is not only the driving force of product upgrading, but also the endogenous force of enterprise transformation

from Yaskawa to KUKA to Gaochuang, how will Midea play this card? At the event, Gu Yanmin, vice president of Midea Group, Dr. till Reuter, CEO of KUKA, and Dr. Ilan Cohen, CEO of Gaochuang, gave a systematic response to this question

according to the CEO of KUKA, Midea has respected KUKA both in management and technology to ensure its independence in enterprise operation. KUKA, as the main body, helps Midea Group in the fields of robot body production, industrial automation solutions, system integration, and intelligent logistics. According to insiders, KUKA will lead the global industrial development and occupy the commanding height of industry 4.0 based on Germany's advanced technology

in the view of Dr. Ilan Cohen of Gaochuang, Gaochuang will become a part of Midea's perfect robot and industrial automation industrial chain layout. Gaochuang will help Midea enrich its technical reserves and product reserves in professional fields such as motion control and servo motors

KUKA and Gaochuang are Midea's starting signals on the new runway. Gu Yanmin said that Midea has mature experience in industrial chain integration and has many years of personal participation and comprehensive investigation in the robot industry. The combination of market and technology will produce synergy and create a win-win future for all parties

Meili has turned towards a global technology group

in recent years, the profits of large-scale and high-cost household appliance industry have been very thin. Meidi has been similarly troubled in previous years, and the development of new materials will significantly accelerate. As a household appliance enterprise with sales of more than 150billion yuan, the household appliance industry alone is difficult to support its performance, so where is the second runway beyond household appliances? Midea has also been looking for

it is undoubtedly a good path to change the business model of large-scale low-cost production into a business model driven by scientific and technological innovation

two years ago, Fang Hongbo, chairman of Midea Group, proposed that Midea is not just household appliances. Today, Midea has provided a preliminary answer to this question with its double intelligence achievements and new industrial layout

just as Midea has seized the opportunities of trade globalization and world manufacturing transfer in the past 30 years, Midea has once again seized a major opportunity in the window period of made in China 2025

in the process of implementing major strategies such as smart home, intelligent manufacturing, and even entering the robot industry, Midea has always followed the basic law of modern enterprise development. Those world-class modern enterprises such as general electric and Siemens have gone through a development track from consumer products to industrial products, from traditional manufacturing to high-end professional manufacturing. Respecting the basic laws of business and always paying attention to science and technology and innovation are the basic logic of the sharp transformation of beauty

at present, Foshan is making every effort to build a national manufacturing innovation center facing the world. Lu Yi, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, proposed that Foshan should follow the development path of world science and technology + Foshan manufacturing + global market, participate in global competition with an open mind, link global resources, and accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system from two aspects: Stock Optimization and incremental quality

today, with the mergers and acquisitions of KUKA and Gaochuang, Midea is gradually transforming from a Chinese household appliance enterprise to a global technology group. In the process of implementing product and industrial strategies, Midea has also gradually completed the global allocation of talent reserves, R & D strength, company assets, etc

Midea, which is one step ahead, has become a practitioner of Foshan's supply side structural reform and a leader of Foshan's enterprise transformation and development

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