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The acceleration of industrial restructuring has brought opportunities for the development of the plastic bobbin industry

"2008 is a connecting year for Sanyou company to fully implement the 11th five year plan. Standing at a new historical starting point, we are facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. We should be good at seizing opportunities, strive to take new steps on the road of entrepreneurship and innovation, and jointly push Sanyou's cause to a new stage of development." Facing the market situation of plastic bobbin products, Zhang Xiaonan, chairman of China Sanyou Holding Group Co., Ltd., said in an interview

operating performance rose against the trend

according to the member of Bayer Materials Technology Implementation Committee and the global head of sustainable development; (1 on the left) Dr. Christian Haessler Zhang Xiaonan introduced that in 2007, Sanyou holding group completed a total industrial output value of 469 million yuan, realized a product sales revenue of 448 million yuan, and generated a profit and tax of 27.84 million yuan; Foreign trade exports reached US $6.25 million, an increase of 87% year-on-year; The investment in fixed assets reached 11.89 million yuan, and the average monthly salary of employees increased by 8% over the previous year; Industrial power consumption reached 19.11 million kwh, and the power consumption per 10000 yuan of output value decreased by 3.5% year-on-year; The comprehensive strength ranks first in the plastic and mold industry in Luqiao District, and ranks among the top 20 in China's textile machinery and equipment processing industry

in 2007, based on the business idea of "stabilizing quality, reducing personnel and improving efficiency", the group's third major business, fine wool textile industry, responded to the plight of the market depression and achieved good business performance. In 2007, the enterprise completed a total of 1113 tons of wool yarn processing, achieved a processing output value of 62.91 million yuan, and a processing income of 6.75 million yuan. At the same time, the company has made great breakthroughs in the development of export-oriented economy. Foreign trade companies actively expand the international market by participating in foreign professional exhibitions and employing foreign sales professionals. In 2007, the company earned US $6.25 million in foreign exchange from exports, including US $3.85 million in self operated exports and US $2.4 million in agency exports, an increase of 87%, 88% and 180% respectively. Under the severe situation of the reduction of export tax rebate and the appreciation of RMB, the enterprise has still achieved good business performance

another opportunity for industrial development at this time, the jaw period should be changed

in 2008, China's textile industry is facing unavoidable problems such as increasing trade friction, decreasing export tax rebate rate, RMB appreciation, declining resource advantages, and raw material shortages. How big is the development space of plastic equipment market? At a time when many people are worried about the market prospect, Zhang Xiaonan believes that 2008 will be a good time for the textile industry to continue its rapid development and technological transformation, and also add confidence to the development of the textile equipment supporting industry. 2008 will still be an opportunity for the development of the textile industry, but also another opportunity for the development of the plastic bobbin industry. To this end, Sanyou holdings, together with the Institute of advanced technology of the University of Surrey, the University of Bristol advanced composite center for innovation and science and the research team of aerospace company Bombardier, set the keynote of this year's work as the 18 character policy of "adjusting structure, focusing on innovation, re implementing, controlling costs, improving efficiency and promoting stability". When talking about the work priorities in the new era, Zhang Xiaonan stressed that the overall requirements of the group's work in 2008 are to fully implement the scientific concept of development, accelerate the pace of innovation, calmly deal with various pressures and difficulties brought about by the national macro-control, focus on accelerating the adjustment and innovation of the three major industries, focus on cultivating new economic growth points, focus on the innovation and implementation of systems, and focus on expanding domestic and international markets, Focus on improving supporting services and safety management capabilities, and take the road of innovation with the characteristics of Sanyou

strategic deployment of Sanyou

under the guidance of the above ideas, Sanyou holding group company will implement the "765" project, deploy the "618" idea, implement the "433" exhibition and do a good job in the "four character article" this year. The "765" project achieved sales of 700million yuan, profits and taxes of 60million yuan and investment of 50million yuan. Among them, the sales of plastic products and modified plastics are 300million yuan, fine wool spinning is 100million yuan, export trade is 100million yuan, and new projects are 50million yuan. Profit and tax of 60million yuan refers to the realization of tax revenue of 25million yuan and profit of 35million yuan. 50million investment refers to: 30million yuan for the first phase of the real estate project, 5million yuan for equipment technical transformation, 4million yuan for the development of new motorcycle products, 10million yuan for wood plastic new materials, modified materials and scientific research, and 1million yuan for energy conservation and emission reduction in the plant. The "618" idea refers to the six "efforts" and the 18 character policy. The six "efforts" refer to: efforts to adjust and innovate the recycling of purified water bottles in the three main businesses, efforts to cultivate new economic growth points, efforts to innovate and implement systems, efforts to expand domestic and foreign markets, efforts to build party and mass organizations, and efforts to improve supporting services and safety management capabilities. The 18 character policy refers to: adjusting structure, focusing on innovation, focusing on implementation, controlling costs, improving efficiency, and promoting stability.

do a good job in the "four character article", That is to implement the "Four Haves" thought: only with ideas can there be a way out, only with ideas can there be a market, only with achievements can there be status, and only with benefits can there be development; Carry forward the spirit of "four dares", that is, dare to be responsible, dare to encounter difficulties, dare to solve problems, and dare to take risks

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