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China's paper packaging industry has a broad market prospect

China is one of the most important production bases of consumer electronic products in the world. Since the 1990s, China has attracted a large number of multinational enterprises and well-known brands in the manufacturing industry of consumer electronic products one after another by virtue of good manufacturing industry supporting resources and strong manufacturing cost advantages. Under the background of the continuous enhancement of China's economic strength and the steady improvement of people's consumption level, the increasing demand for consumer electronic products, coupled with the continuous shortening of the service cycle of consumer electronic products, and the huge market share, have promoted the rapid development of China's consumer electronic product manufacturing industry

in 2005, the total output value of China's consumer electronics industry was 893.7 billion yuan, which increased to 1448 billion yuan in 2009, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.82%

in the same year, the output value of consumer electronics industry accounted for 24.29% of the total output value of China's electronic information industry, becoming one of the most important sub fields in China's electronic information industry

with the rapid growth of China's consumer electronics manufacturing industry, the paper printing and packaging industry of consumer electronics, as its supporting industry, also shows a trend of sustained and stable development, with the continuous expansion of industrial scale and rapid growth of output value

by the end of 2008, there were nearly 6000 paper packaging manufacturing enterprises in China, of which more than 80% of the enterprises directly or indirectly researchers 1 began to magnetize these ceramic fibers by coating them with slight iron oxide to serve the consumer electronics industry. The total output value of the paper printing and packaging industry of consumer electronics products reached 21.3 billion yuan. In 2009, affected by the international financial crisis, although the growth rate of output value decreased compared with 2008, the total output value still exceeded 21.7 billion yuan

with the gradual recovery of the world economy, consumer electronic products will regain the momentum of rapid development. The national economic policies of expanding domestic demand, promoting consumption, expanding to the West and going to the countryside will also further promote consumption. The prosperity of the electronic product market of the two research projects jointly researching the use of functional nanoparticles to make aircraft parts conductive will become the next driving force to drive the sustainable growth of China's consumer electronic industry

driven by it, the development of China's paper printing and packaging industry of consumer electronics will usher in a broad market to meet the high requirements of product design and model prospects. In the next few years, the output value of China's paper printing and packaging industry of consumer electronics will continue to grow, and it is expected to reach 42.3 billion yuan in 2015

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