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In order to provide the most suitable paper for publishing enterprises, the publishing materials working committee of China Publishing Association has started the paper printing suitability testing project (hereinafter referred to as the PPT project) since 2003. It has successively tested and evaluated different brands of copper coated paper, offset paper and light paper, and independently designed the test version through reference and accumulation, And formed a set of effective testing process

Education Science Publishing House is a member of the publishing materials working committee of China Association of publishers. It has been responsible for the PPT project together with China Map Publishing Group, science publishing house, Writers Publishing House and other units. The rigor and difficulty of the experiment make people believe that the hardness is great. This project will provide strong support for each publishing unit to select appropriate papers. In 2013, the Education Science Press adopted the test version of the PPT project in the paper bidding, which made the PPT project of the press move from theory to practice

before bidding, Education Science Press requires the paper mill (or paper merchant) to provide a unified paper sample printed by the PPT beta. In the process of bid negotiation, the trapezoidal lead screw is a sliding friction. With a unified test version, the bid negotiation process becomes simple. It is easy for everyone to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the paper, thus saving time

at present, the paper bidding work of Education Science Press in 2013 has been successfully completed. After careful summary, we believe that the significance of this operation lies in the following four points

first, it has taken the first step of PPT from theory to practice

second, it strengthens the comparability of similar paper products. In the past, all paper enterprises provided their own paper samples for paper bidding. The contents of copying were varied and varied. In the process of selecting paper, people were dizzy and dizzy. Now, we have unified the printing samples of all bidding enterprises. As long as we determine the corporate reputation, printing sample quality and paper price of the paper we want, we can find the paper we want

third, highlight the subject consciousness and see what we want to see. In the past, the paper samples provided by the paper merchants to us were designed by themselves, which were the contents that the paper merchants wanted us to see, so as to guide our purchase behavior. Moreover, the printed samples were carefully selected, which could not represent the real quality level of the paper. The production of PPT test edition was summarized by the publishing staff for many years. The selected pictures include large-area field printing, the embodiment of printing level, the influence of paper color on printing color restoration and other important contents. Through the analysis of our own product structure, we can determine the emphasis on paper requirements by ourselves, and then confirm it in the printing samples. Moreover, we are testing a large batch of goods from various paper manufacturers, and the printed sample is representative of the fact that the washer of the horizontal tensioner is damaged

fourth, we should know from a small point of view and understand the service level of paper traders. Among the printing samples sent, some paper sellers simply packed them and sent them loosely, while others carefully packed them, sorted them, and kept them neat and uniform. The service attitude and level were clear at a glance. The author once worried that under different printing environments, the printed samples could not reflect the true quality level of the paper. In this regard, it would violate the principle of PPT project testing. However, on the contrary, what we do is not test the paper, but select the paper we need. Whether the quality of the printed samples will be affected due to printing problems such as inaccurate overprinting, It also truly reflects the service mentality and level of paper merchants. For those paper suppliers who muddle along, we should have kept a respectful distance

on the road of practical application of PPT project, Education Science Press has taken the first tentative step. Although it has benefited a lot, it still feels that it is a single shadow and cannot form a real power. In the future work, we hope that as the organizer of the project, the publishing materials working committee of China Publishing Association can continue to promote the implementation and promotion of the PPT project, allow more publishing units to participate, establish this platform that is beneficial to everyone, unify the paper selection standards based on the PPT project, and enhance the voice of the paper enterprises

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