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Xiamen Anfa paper pallet (trailer) has won the national patent

the new paper pallet (trailer) designed by guolusheng, general manager of Xiamen Anfa Paper Co., Ltd. has recently been approved by the State Intellectual Property Office and obtained the patent certificate with the feedback of coding control. Pallet or pallet is one of the essential tools in modern industrial production, transportation, storage and packaging

in the past, people exposed the precipitation laws of various phases. They usually used wooden, steel or plastic pallets or pallets, which have high cost, large volume, waste of space, can not be recycled, and pollute the environment. The new paper tray designed by guolusheng overcomes the above disadvantages and shows its advantages. The utility model uses the strong hardness paperboard composed of multi-layer paper as the base material, more than one indentation is set at the corresponding four sides of the paperboard surface, and one or more cutting angles are set at the intersection of the four corners of the paperboard surface along the indentation. Each corner has different shapes. There are straight-line corner, broken line corner, arc line or curve corner, sawtooth line corner and other regular or irregular line corners of peek. To facilitate the handling and movement of the mechanical gripper

it not only replaces the functions of wooden, steel and plastic pallets or pallets, but also reduces the cost, reduces the volume and improves the stacking space of goods. It can be recycled without polluting the environment. After the launch of the patented product, it is deeply welcomed by users

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