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Shaanxi: in May, a number of paper mills will be "out"

the upstream cities have polluted the Weihe River, so the downstream cities must pay. Yesterday, hefali, director of Shaanxi environmental protection department, said that this year, Shaanxi Province will adopt a variety of means of Jisa 4706 (2) 000 to reduce the COD concentration of pollutants in the Weihe River by more than 10%, including the start of collecting the compensation fee for loading pollution by properly regulating the speed valve according to the loading speed

It is reported that from July, 2009, environmental protection departments at all levels in Shaanxi will adopt the method of combining automatic monitoring with manual monitoring to conduct regular and real-time monitoring on the city boundary section and the section of the primary tributary entering the Wei River. If the discharge of the upstream city exceeds the section water quality control target, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of environmental protection will, together with the Department of finance, collect water pollution compensation fees to compensate the downstream in accordance with the measures for ecological environment protection of the Weihe River Basin in Shaanxi Province

the main stream of Weihe River flows through Baoji Yangling Xianyang Xi'an Weinan in Shaanxi Province. For example, if Xianyang City in the upper reaches pollutes the Weihe River beyond the standard, Xi'an city will be paid. Similarly, if Xi'an's outbound water exceeds the standard, it should also pay Weinan City. The specific compensation amount and calculation method are being worked out and are expected to be issued around March. But one thing is certain, that is, the provincial financial department will directly allocate the compensation expenses to ensure that the funds with some disciplinary nature can be in place

in May this year, a number of paper mills will be out of the market.

he fali revealed that from May 1, 2009, paper enterprises will fully implement the new emission standards, and those that do not meet the emission standards will be shut down. Compared with the current standard, this standard is more stringent. For chemical paper-making enterprises, the COD concentration index of pollutants at the outlet should be reduced from 400 to about 150

there are about 70 paper mills in the Weihe River Basin. According to the new standard, there will be about 20 paper mills out of the zigzag experiment (astmd790, d6272 and ISO178). He fali said. In addition to paper mills, this year, the province organized and implemented 50 key pollution control and 20 structural emission reduction projects in industries such as fruit juice, printing and dyeing, chemical industry and food, playing a demonstration role. Urban areas should strengthen the treatment of wastewater from catering and bathing industries to ensure the effect of urban sewage treatment

before the end of the year, 50 sewage treatment plants will be built and put into operation.

how to reduce the sewage directly discharged into rivers, one of the key ways is to build sewage treatment plants. Yesterday, Shaanxi Province made it clear that half of the 37 sewage treatment plants started in Guanzhong last year must be completed by the end of June. All 22 counties and districts in Northern Shaanxi must start construction before the end of the year. More than half of the 28 counties and districts in southern Shaanxi will start construction within a year. Before the end of the year, it is necessary to ensure that all about 50 sewage treatment plants are completed and put into operation

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