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According to the data released by the former CCTV market research department, in the first quarter of this year, the year-on-year growth of traditional media advertising in China's market was only 1.4%, a new low since 2007. In the face of the severe domestic and international macroeconomic situation and the challenging communication environment, the newspaper industry is facing great pressure for survival. Industry economists and enterprise bosses have said that the reform and transformation of the newspaper industry is imminent

Cailing, a researcher in the cultural industry of CIC consultants, believes that the development of all media is the breakthrough focus of transformation and upgrading. In terms of specific operation, some enterprises or units can be used as pilot units of system reform to carry out bold innovation and exploration in practice. Implement the construction of digital all media platform project, promote the mutual integration and interaction between newspapers and networks, and form a three-dimensional publicity momentum. In addition, in the current situation of paper and electronic reading, newspaper operators should keep pace with the times and constantly adapt to the changes of communication technology and media market

cultural creativity should be taken as the development strategic direction of the newspaper industry. Local newspaper and periodical enterprises or units shall seize the opportunity of the central and local governments to accelerate the development of cultural and creative industries, formulate development strategies, and rely on the inherent business advantages of the newspaper industry to carry out business printing, festivals and exhibitions, culture and sports, design and planning and other businesses. It is also possible to create a modern creative cultural industry park integrating digital publishing, printing and reproduction, digital publishing research and development, and film and television special effects animation production in combination with the local cultural industry development plan

Cai Ling also believes that mobile Internet is the main growth space for the future profits of the newspaper industry. It is the only way to accelerate the development of the Internet and the mobile industry. By strengthening strategic cooperation externally and integrating resources internally, we can focus on our advantages to build new media brands. From the perspective of interconnection, people's choice of functions has gradually shifted from entertainment and leisure to information acquisition and communication. At present, most of the wide applications on mobile terminals have been occupied by microblog, video sharing, community and social networking

ZhangYanlin, research director of CIC consulting, believes that the traditional newspaper industry has an irreplaceable position in China's national economy and has always played a positive role in social and economic development. However, with the changes of the times and the rapid changes of science and technology, the newspaper industry also needs a gorgeous turn to avoid the industry going into a abyss. In addition to strengthening the transformation of breakthrough focus, strategic direction, growth space and other aspects, other factors also need to enter people's vision and receive attention

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