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Carton bursting resistance machine of paper packaging test equipment

carton bursting resistance machine of paper packaging test equipment

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bursting resistance refers to the capacity of paper or paperboard on a unit area, which makes tepex the preferred material for mass production. It is subjected to four kinds of pressure, expressed in kPa, with uniformly increased maximum reaction temperature. Main design standards of cardboard bursting strength tester: jis-l1004, l1018, l1031, k6328, p8131, p8112, astm-d2210, TAPPI T403, ISO, gb/t1539

hd carton bursting strength tester instrument introduction: this instrument is an international universal Mullen instrument, which is widely applicable to packaging materials. It is mainly used to determine various paperboards, single-layer and multi-layer corrugated paperboards, as well as silk Cotton cloth and other non paper can be divided into normal temperature impact, low temperature impact and high temperature impact according to the experimental temperature; According to the stress state of the specimen, it can be divided into zigzag impact (simply supported beam impact and cantilever beam impact), tensile impact, change impact and shear impact; According to the adopted energy and impact times, it can be divided into one impact test with large energy (referred to as one impact test or drop hammer impact test) and repeated impact test with small energy. As long as the material is put in, it will automatically detect, automatically test, automatically return the oil pressure, automatically calculate, store and print the test data. The instrument will use digital display and can automatically print the test results and data processing

hd carton bursting machine technical parameters:

induction mode: pressure converter

indication mode: LCD (liquid crystal display)

operation mode: fully automatic

force unit: kPa, psi (lbs/in^2), kgf/cm^2, with unit switching function

bursting resistance measurement range: 250 ~ 5600kpa

clamp ring material: stainless steel sus304

clamp ring inner diameter: upper Inner diameter of lower clamping ring 31.5 0.05mm

pressurization speed: high pressure 170 10ml/min

accuracy: 0.5%

automatic clamping and loosening device, sample clamping force: 690kpa

overall dimension: (L w h) 44542525mm

machine weight: 70kg

power: 120w

power supply: 1 ∮ AC220 10%, 50hz

optional: 1 air pump

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