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For everyone, the bedroom is a key place. After a busy day, lying in a comfortable room is comfortable and comfortable. Therefore, the quality of the bedroom layout directly affects people's life, work and study. In addition to achieving the effect of tranquility and ease, its geomantic stress cannot be ignored. The following editor will explain the geomantic taboos of the master bedroom decoration, Hope to provide some help for your decoration

Feng Shui taboo in the decoration of the master bedroom

1. The door of the bathroom in the bedroom is facing the bed

because the humidity in the bathroom is serious, it is very easy to cause discomfort in the waist and kidney. In the layout of the bedroom, if the bed is facing the door of the bathroom, this symptom usually occurs. Even if the bathroom is dressed up boldly, it cannot change the essence of its sewage discharge. In addition, poor air quality will also produce more moisture after bathing, If you want to dissolve this kind of Feng Shui, you can put a few pots of mud plants in the toilet

2. The roof directly above the bed is equipped with a chandelier

avoid placing a lamp directly above the bed, otherwise it will form a serious evil spirit, which is very harmful to health. In addition, according to professionals, installing a chandelier above the bed will give people psychological hints, increase people's psychological pressure, affect endocrine, and cause a series of health problems such as insomnia, nightmares, respiratory emergencies, etc., so the roof directly above the bed should be kept empty, Use soft light fixtures at the bedside

3. Bedrooms with balconies or floor to ceiling windows

to a certain extent, increase the energy loss during sleep, make people prone to fatigue and insomnia, and cannot maintain human body heat energy, which is the same reason that sleeping in the open air is easy to get sick, so Xiaobian suggests choosing a room without balconies or floor to ceiling windows as the master bedroom, or hanging thick curtains on the balconies and floor to ceiling windows to block it

4. The master bedroom should not be too large or too small

if the specification of the master bedroom is larger than that of the hall, then the family is prone to dominate in behavior and cause verbal disputes. In addition, if the specification of the master bedroom is too small, the male host is prone to male chauvinism and lack the consideration that should be given, while the female host is prone to have a tendency to be narrow-minded, and her personal achievements are seriously limited

what are the precautions for the decoration of the master bedroom?

first, the selection of materials

as a resting area, whether it has sound insulation is particularly critical. Therefore, for the decoration of the master bedroom, we should first choose decorative materials with good noise attenuation and sound insulation, such as beautiful cloth with soft touch and carpets with heat preservation effect, while cold and hard materials such as marble and floor tiles are not suitable for use in the bedroom

II. Lighting design

the light in this area should be mainly soft and warm light, which can effectively relieve the pressure of the day. In addition, the ceiling should also be placed in a non dazzling position, the bed lamp should make the indoor lighting softer, and the design of the small night lamp should also meet the lighting during a short walk at night

editor's summary: This article is about the Feng Shui taboos of master bedroom decoration. I believe that partners have a further understanding of Feng Shui taboos of master bedroom decoration. Of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, you are welcome to consult the editor at any time




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