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In home decoration, many owners are concerned about the decoration cost. After the economic crisis, prices fluctuated, many items rose, and furniture accessories were inevitably affected. How can we use limited funds to decorate the most perfect home? How can we make furniture bloom the most beautiful luster and play the greatest role? These are the concerns of many owners. When moving to a new home, many old furniture can still be used. It's a pity to throw it away, but it looks a little shabby in the new home. If these old furniture can be renovated and used, a large part of the decoration cost can be saved. Selling old furniture to recyclers is not worth a lot of money, but if you use your brain, the value of old furniture will double. Furniture renovation is a good way to deal with rising prices. Xiaobian summarized the renovation skills of a variety of common household products. You may as well spend the least money to make the furniture look new and welcome the new year

object of Renovation: leather sofa

the phenomena of fading, local scratching, cracking, aging and so on, which are inevitable after sitting for a long time, can be repaired to the greatest extent through renovation, and the leather after repair, renovation or local repair has a soft feel, natural and soft luster, which can ensure the elasticity and good air permeability of the leather





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