The hottest engineering plastics have applications

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Engineering plastics have applications in the automotive industry (2)

Third, polyoxymethylene

the largest potential market for POM decoration in the automotive industry. POM is light in weight, simple in processing and molding, low in production cost, and similar in material properties to metals. The modified POM has low wear coefficient and strong rigidity; It is very suitable to achieve complete energy-saving effect and manufacture automotive pumps, carburetor components, oil pipelines, power valves, wanshangjie bearings, motor gears, cranks, handles, instrument panels, automobiles. Asahi in Japan and CPC in Taiwan have officially announced the closure of their ethylene production devices, window lifters, electrical switches, safety belt buckles, etc. Manufacturing shaft sleeves, gears, sliders and other wear-resistant parts is the strength of modified POM. These parts have little wear on metal, reduce the amount of lubricating oil, and enhance the service life of components; Therefore, it can widely replace copper, zinc and other metals to produce bearings, gears, pull rods and so on. POM auto parts are light in weight, low in noise, and easy to form and assemble, so they are more and more widely used in the automotive manufacturing industry. Normal>

normal> IV. polycarbonate

modified PC has high mechanical properties and good appearance. Its main reason in the automobile is that it is easier to manufacture and lighter than glass. It should be used for exterior and interior parts. The most widely used are pc/abs alloy and pc/pbt alloy

(1) pc/abs alloy is the most suitable material for automotive interior parts. This is because pc/abs alloy has excellent heat resistance, impact resistance and rigidity, and good processing fluidity. It is also an ideal material for manufacturing automobile dashboard. The thermal deformation temperature of pc/abs alloy is 110 ℃ ~ 13. The research office is a subordinate unit of Evonik creative strategic innovation division. 5 ℃, which can fully meet the heating requirements of cars parked outdoors at noon in hot summer in tropical countries. Pc/abs alloy has good finishing and adhesion to the covering film, so the instrument panel made of pc/abs alloy does not need surface pretreatment, and can be directly sprayed with soft finish paint or coated with PVC film


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