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The engineering paint market has changed! National Paint comprehensively encircles and suppresses Nippon Dulux

the engineering paint market has "changed"! National Paint comprehensively encircled Nippon Dulux April 19, 2017

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in the first quarter of this year, in the field of national paint brand advantage, "furniture paint", such as zhanchen, Huilong, bards, garberry, etc. have achieved quite good results. In addition, in the field of engineering architectural coatings, the national coating brands are also commendable. Sanjeshu, Yashi, bards, garberry, Metz, Jiunuo and others have unveiled bright "report cards" and are greatly in the trend of catching up with and Surpassing "Big Mac" Nippon and Dulux

a while ago, the top 500 preferred suppliers of China's real estate in 2017 released that in the fields of coatings, waterproof materials, engineering exterior walls, composite imitation stone, colorful imitation stone, real stone paint, floor paint, thermal insulation materials, paint decoration and thermal insulation integrated board, local paint brands have entered the list, such as three trees, Yashi, foster, Carpoly, bards, meadows, Jiunuo, classic, Oriental Yuhong, Keshun, Chenguang, giraffe Pancai, Jinyu, etc. comprehensively encircled and suppressed foreign brands Nippon Dulux

the first is "2017 No. 6 Chinese real estate development enterprise, top 500 preferred paint suppliers in the emergency system inspection industry". Sankeshu and Yashi have been "on an equal footing" with Dulux, with the preferred rate of 17%, which is "close at hand" with the preferred rate of 21% of Nippon. In addition, among the top 10 preferred paint suppliers, local brands have accounted for 7, such as sankeshu, Yashi, Fust, garberry, metus, GUKE Bards, while foreign brands are only nippon, Dulux and PPG shennuli

similarly, in the field of Engineering exterior walls, Jiunuo, Huade, Sanyin, classic and Chenguang are rising in an all-round way; In the field of composite imitation stone, giraffe, Waldron and foster "bite" Nippon Dulux; In the field of thermal insulation materials, paint decoration and thermal insulation integrated board, Yashi, Jiunuo, Fusite, Jinyu, etc. are far ahead; In the field of colorful imitation stone and genuine stone paint, except for SKK in Japan, all other products are "dominated" by local brands, especially the "tiancaishi" 1 of sankeshu, which is a key product for adjustment, supervision and random inspection. Since its inception in 2014, the sales volume of this product exceeded 100million yuan in 2016, making great contributions to the engineering paint business department of sankeshu

in general, in today's engineering and architectural coatings field, due to the narrowing of the technical gap between the two sides, Nippon Dulux is no longer an "insurmountable mountain", and major real estate companies no longer "worship foreign countries and obsess over foreign countries", and "Nippon Dulux" is designated as "Nippon Dulux" as in the past, because they see the continuous progress of local paint brands represented by sankeshu, Yashi, bards, garberry, Jiunuo and metus

of course, this progress is also directly reflected in their financial statements. For example, sankeshu published its 2016 annual report, which shows that the rapid development of engineering architectural coatings has become the biggest highlight of the financial statements, with sales increasing by more than 50% in the past two years, reaching 10 in 2016 and lubricated with 100 oil; 100 million; Jiunuo is even worse. In 2016, sales increased by more than 200% year-on-year; Net profit rose 2537.1% year-on-year. In addition, zhanchen's classic paint and meitushi also performed well in the first quarter, with year-on-year sales growth of 23.25% and 135% respectively during the inspection of the oil spill

once upon a time, Nippon and Dulux, the two foreign brands, were absolute "giants" in China's engineering construction coating market, and no local brand could shake them. Today, Dulux has been "beheaded" by local brands, and the next step is directed to Nippon. Although Nippon is still so awesome, it is no longer so terrible

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