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The secret war of construction machinery service: the wrestling of enterprise soft power

The Secret War of construction machinery service: the wrestling of enterprise soft power

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Guide: the change of service concept. The direct result of market competition is the rapid switch from price war to service war. Before the service war of the enterprise starts, how do the participants of service war determine their own service concepts and service standards? Han Wei, general manager of Zoomlion lifting service center, believes that developed

the change of service concept

the direct result of market competition is the rapid switch from price war to service war. Before the service war of the enterprise starts, how do the participants of the service war determine their own service concept and service standards

Han Wei, general manager of Zoomlion lifting service center, believes that the service concept of developed countries has changed, but it is still in the stage of adaptation to the future. Han Wei believes that at present, the service of domestic construction machinery is a passive service mode, which is to serve the sales of complete machines. With the periodic recession of the industry, the main engine manufacturers, agents and suppliers need to survive, so they need to change the service concept, so that the service can bring a profit point to the enterprise and become the support for the future enterprise to get out of the winter. So now we should change to active service. In addition, the industry has always focused on service quality and service satisfaction. He felt that in the future, the service of dehydrating plastic debris after cleaning should be gradually transferred from the index of satisfaction to the trust of users in the enterprise

although users are relatively satisfied with the service of the enterprise, users will still think that the service engineers of the enterprise are responsible for the service of users, and do not wholeheartedly treat the user's affairs as their own. If users have problems, enterprises should provide services; Enterprises sometimes think that users are looking for trouble and cannot establish enough trust with each other. Han Wei believes that in the future, construction machinery services will turn more to the perspective of user trust

Zoomlion put forward the "one-stop" service in 2012. This "one-stop" service is to make the whole service process under the monitoring of the system. Serving users is not an engineer doing service, but a system. The whole system starts to operate from the time the user dials the service. Whether the service is in place, whether the accessories are sent in time, and how the user comments will be collected, sorted and analyzed in the whole system. In this way, users only need to hit a 400, and the rest are done by the enterprise to achieve all-round process control of services

service is not just satisfaction

Liu Qingye, service director of Jinan Tianye Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., believes that with the continuous increase of social ownership of construction machinery, the sales of complete machines are also improving. If we blindly pursue satisfaction, it may have an impact on the development of service providers themselves

at present, the after-sales service of construction machinery, including accessories, is a service concept based on the whole machine business, deliberately pursuing satisfaction. Sunjinlong, the service Minister of Jiangsu Tianheng Weiye Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., believes that such a pursuit of service satisfaction is a misunderstanding, losing the original root of pursuing service quality. DuPont and Dow will still keep the original company name book. He said that in the face of user disputes or excessive and unprincipled pursuit of service satisfaction, it encourages some abnormal needs and psychological expectations of users. He believes that OEMs and agents should be rational in pursuing service quality and satisfaction, and should not lose the principle of pursuing satisfaction alone

innovative differentiated services

is there an end to service and the improvement of service standards? Cui Shuliang, director of service support of the post market and user support department of Volvo Construction equipment (China) Co., Ltd., believes that there are three points to consider: first, the service standard should be based on meeting the real expectations of users, not that the more services provided, the better the 3D printing structure will not have reprocessing ability, not because the more difficult the service standard threshold provided is than that of competitors, the more satisfied users will be. If we do not focus on users, but always consider from the perspective of manufacturers or dealers, we may have done a lot of thankless services. We should really understand the real intention of users, understand what users want, and concentrate limited resources to do what users need most. Therefore, the establishment of service standards should be user-centered to improve user satisfaction

second, services are also products, which need to maximize input and output. In the time of market blowout and rapid development, the cost of service can be ignored in order to support sales, but the standard and price of service are different, which can only be increased but not decreased. If you simply fight a price war and a service war, others can do what you can. No one can benefit from fighting a price war except users. And what's the worst? Nothing is better than that users equate low price with low quality. Therefore, a good after-sales service system of construction machinery should allocate the service personnel, service radius, service points, service vehicles and service tools in a very reasonable manner according to the ownership and sales forecast of social security, so as to achieve scientific and reasonable, so as to reduce the maintenance cost and improve the work efficiency

third, service commitment is a double-edged sword. There are many ways to promise users to increase the competitiveness of products, such as extending the three guarantee period of equipment for users, providing users with renewable accessories, and providing lifelong maintenance, including arriving at the site a few hours after the failure is reported for repair, etc. In fact, commitment is a double-edged sword. If we exaggerate the commitment and set many commitment traps, we can attract users' attention in a short time, but if we can't fulfill and fulfill the service commitment well, it will bring devastating consequences, let alone improve satisfaction. In the real after-sales service of construction machinery, many users' complaints are caused by the failure of manufacturers or dealers to fulfill their promises to users

rather than boasting big service commitments such as spring steel, setting service traps, disrupting the market, improving users' expectations, and catching up service commitments, which form a phenomenon of dishonesty and affect the entire industry, it is better to provide a differentiated service that is different from the industry's competitors and recognized by users

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