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A new exploration on the ecological packaging of Lushan Yunwu Tea

Lushan Yunwu Tea is a traditional famous tea in China. It has unique flavor, rich fragrance and good quality, and is deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad. In addition to supplying Lushan, Jiujiang, Nanchang, Shandong, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan and other provinces and cities as well as Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other regions in China, it has also been exported to Japan, Germany, South Korea, the United States, Britain and other countries since 1971, and has been highly praised by all regions. Packaging is the key factor to ensure the quality of Lushan Yunwu Tea in the fields of purchase, sales, storage and circulation. A delicate and unique tea packaging can not only give people the enjoyment of beauty, but also directly stimulate consumers' desire to buy today when supermarkets continue to appear and the sales mode changes, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting sales and play the role of a silent salesperson

1 packaging status of Lushan Yunwu Tea

at present, the packaging of Lushan Yunwu Tea in the market is relatively chaotic, which is mainly reflected in: (1) the packaging materials are mainly metal materials, and the reuse and recyclability of the packaging are not considered in the design, resulting in a great waste of resources, which cannot reflect the spirit of environmental protection and the era concept of sustainable development; (2) the packaging color design is varied, either gorgeous or vulgar, or superficial or fancy. It simply pursues the surface visual effect, and cannot well reflect the cultural attribute and unique taste of Yunwu Tea; (3) The packaging image is disordered, the picture selection is disordered, and the one-sided pursuit of gorgeous surface feeling and best-selling market benefits; (4) There are many kinds of packaging text designs, which cannot be matched with pictures to reflect the theme and the profound cultural origin of the Chinese nation. In addition, all kinds of tea of different grades and specifications have no matching packaging of corresponding grades. Generally, consumers choose their own packaging boxes and bags according to the quantity of tea they buy. Although this can meet the diversified aesthetic needs of consumers to a certain extent, it does not integrate Yunwu Tea with its packaging

2 tea packaging design requirements

good tea packaging containers not only have collection value, but also can be reused as reusable packaging. While saving resources, they can also promote tea culture. A good tea packaging design must have a good foundation, that is, the most essential thing of packaging, that is, how to maintain the quality of tea so that it does not deteriorate. Only by fully understanding the characteristics of tea and the factors that cause the deterioration of tea, can we choose appropriate materials according to these characteristics and make reasonable use of them, so as to achieve perfection. Especially for pure natural, pollution-free green food, we should strengthen the awareness of environmental protection, electronic universal experimental machine series, to meet people's need to return to nature

2. 1 Characteristics of tea

the characteristics of tea are determined by the composition and quality of tea, such as hygroscopicity and oxidation. Qu Yan, general manager of Changzhou 6th element material science and Technology Co., Ltd., is informative, adsorptive, fragile, volatile, etc. Therefore, when designing tea packaging, we should consider using appropriate materials for packaging according to the above characteristics. We should choose composite materials with good moisture resistance, oxygen resistance, light protection, no odor, and a certain tensile strength. Now there is a new packaging box, which is made of paper, the upper and lower covers of the can are metal, and the can body is made of offset paper/paper aluminum foil/polyethylene. It has a stronger fresh-keeping effect, and it is much lighter than the metal can. The design means are more rich and beautiful, and it gives designers more room to play

2. 2 tea packaging design requirements

tea packaging can generally be divided into two categories, namely large packaging and small packaging. Large packaging, also known as transportation packaging, is mainly for the convenience of transportation, loading, unloading and storage. Generally, wooden cases and corrugated boxes are used, and tin barrels or white iron barrels are also used; Small packaging, also known as retail packaging and sales packaging, can not only protect the quality of tea, but also have a certain ornamental value, which is convenient for publicity, display, exhibition and sales, and easy to carry. There are many kinds of small packaging, which can be divided into hard packaging, semi-hard packaging and soft packaging from different production materials, such as iron cans, tin cans, porcelain bottles, glass bottles, and craft small wooden boxes, small bamboo boxes, craft carved gold-plated boxes, etc; There are various cardboard boxes in semi-rigid packaging; Flexible packaging includes paper bags, plastic food bags and various composite bags. When designing, appropriate materials can be used for packaging design according to different needs. This paper mainly discusses small packaging, namely retail packaging

in addition, the design of tea packaging must comply with the relevant provisions of China's "tea packaging". The signs of the packaging should be self-conscious, neat and clear, and have complete labels, indicating the product name, manufacturer, address, production date and batch number, shelf life, grade, net weight, trademark, product standard code. If there are changes, they can be printed into self-adhesive for supplementary instructions [1]

3 ecological packaging design of Lushan Yunwu Tea

the packaging design of Lushan Yunwu Tea mainly starts from the aspects of material, color, image and text

3. 1 material selection

when designing tea packaging, the first thing to consider is material and structure. The selection of packaging materials directly affects the quality of goods, which is also determined by the attributes of Lushan Yunwu Tea, a special commodity. Therefore, it is generally appropriate to choose materials with precise structure and easy to open for tea packaging. With the development of packaging industry and the combination of modern high technology, many new types of packaging have emerged. There are also many novel and unique tea packages in the market, but some packages look high-end, but there is a tendency to over package; Some are divorced from the attributes of commodities and blindly pursue gorgeous decoration and impetuous colors on the surface, which is inconsistent with the quality of tea itself. For example, in the market, there is a kind of tea packaging with plastic engraving and gold plating on the surface. From the packaging, you can't see any information that the commodity wants to convey, giving people a feeling of handicraft, not tea. The ecological design of Lushan Yunwu Tea should follow the following principles in material selection:

try to use green packaging materials, reduce packaging, simplify packaging materials, disassemble packaging design, reuse packaging materials and make packaging materials harmless

3. 2 color design

color is the most attractive in packaging design, and it is often the first impression of packaging. According to psychological research, 70% of human perception is brought about by vision, and the stimulation of color accounts for the majority. If the colors are matched properly, people will have a pleasing feeling after watching, so as to attract the attention of consumers. The packaging color of Lushan Yunwu Tea is restricted by the commodity attributes, and the color itself also has its attributes, so the color should be used cautiously, and strive to be less but precise, concise and lively. Either fresh and elegant, gorgeous and moving, or plain and natural, we should conform to the customs and appreciation habits of consumers. In addition, we should also consider the different grades, occasions, varieties and characteristics of Yunwu Tea and use different colors. Design should pay attention to the unity of color and overall style, and cannot use too many colors to form a tone; Nor can we use gold and silver everywhere, giving people a sense of flashiness. When designing, we should consider the comparison with similar tea packaging, learn from each other, and design a competitive packaging that can stand out among many commodities. As Lushan Yunwu Tea is a treasure of green tea, with green color and strong fragrance, it is the best of tea with four wonders of "beauty in shape, green in color, fragrant and mellow in taste". When designing and packaging, cold colors such as green and blue should be selected to make people feel fresh and refreshing [2]

3. 3 image design

the pattern design of tea packaging can make the goods more vivid and interesting. However, the patterns on some packages are old and cumbersome, with weak merchantability and lack of sense of the times. They are repetitive and have no personality. Ancient patterns such as dragons and phoenixes are used indiscriminately everywhere. Tradition is not retro, let alone copying. Nationality is not represented by painting dragons and phoenixes. It should be given a new content, new life and new form. A spirit should be penetrated into it, and a charm should be reflected. Tradition should be a style and a fashion. Traditional patterns can be deformed with modern techniques to make them more modern, symbolic and concise. The truly traditional packaging gives people a sense of culture, connotation and transcendence, which is also consistent with the personality of Yunwu Tea

Lushan Yunwu Tea is a kind of commodity with strong nationality and regionality. Some traditional patterns with strong national cultural flavor, such as Lushan landscape painting, decorative patterns, auspicious patterns, folk paper cutting and minority patterns, can be used to express the traditionality of tea, but we should not just copy and copy some traditional patterns, but should integrate the emotional, implicit The essence of national cultural spirit with aesthetic characteristics such as delicacy is integrated into it. For example, the traditional cultural symbols can be recombined by using modern design techniques such as simplification, exaggeration, comparison, interleaving, diffusion, scattering, etc., so that they have national characteristics without losing a sense of modernity, and glow with a more charming style, that is, the traditional Chinese culture can be infiltrated into the packaging design of Lushan Yunwu Tea by using modern design techniques, so that it can be implicitly expressed

3. 4 text design

the text of Lushan Yunwu Tea packaging is also an important part of the design. A package can be without any decoration, but it can't be without text, just as the same person must have a name. The words of Yunwu Tea packaging must be concise and clear, which fully reflects the commodity attributes, without too cumbersome fonts and illegible words, and too stiff fonts with sharp corners are not suitable. Tea is a commodity with strong tradition and nationality. Chinese calligraphy has a long history, and has strong artistry and appreciation. It is the best to properly use calligraphy to reflect the deep rhyme of tea culture and the long cultural history of the Chinese nation. But it is necessary to use easy to understand, easy to read and easy to recognize fonts, and use less cursive or unclear fonts. We must take into account the recognition of consumers and make it clear at a glance. In terms of the words of Lushan Yunwu Tea packaging design, Chinese New Wei and official script can be used, which can give people a sense of simplicity and elegance [3]

4 conclusion

the materials, colors, patterns, words and other elements in the design of tea packaging are closely related to commodities. The key problem is how to accurately and quickly transmit commodity information, which adds a lot of color. At the same time, it also tells us that although advertising creativity is important, it must be based on dealing with the relationship between goods (services), celebrity symbols, public recognition and other aspects. It can be seen that it is not so simple to deal with the relationship between celebrity symbols and advertising creativity in order to achieve the effective communication of products/brands

Saussure, a Swiss linguist, believes that every word is a symbol, including the signifier and the signified. French semiotician Roland Barthes accepted Saussure's point of view and applied semiotics research to the field of popular culture in which hydraulic system is load adaptive oil inlet throttle speed regulation system. There are also many research results on the referential relationship between symbols and goods/services. In his paper, scholar Johansen abstracted a meaning generation mechanism commonly existing in advertising [1] (see Figure 2), which clearly shows how products and brands realize the transformation from product extension to connotation through advertising

businessmen invite celebrities to do advertising endorsements. They also hope that this household "image" can become a part of the commodity. It should be a signifier of the commodity. Like other signifiers, it has a common and unique signifier - commodity. However, like commodities, celebrities, as a social symbol, also have their own reference - public image. Therefore, it becomes a very difficult thing to try to refer to commodities with the signifier of celebrities

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