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Engineering base provides Areva with "high voltage"

Areva TD group has begun to use the engineering base of aucotec to unify the global electrical design platform. The French energy company headquartered in Paris has previously investigated a variety of electrical design tools in the market. After extensive comparison, AREVA chose aucotec, the latest generation of object-oriented, database driven professional power version with client server architecture

in addition to the unique and advanced soft 1. Well cover pressure fatigue testing machine 3. Output situation: ① written report; ② In terms of hardware design, the graph adopts the relatively new technical framework of the 21st century. The reason why Areva chose engineering base is also due to the rich and reliable professional knowledge and experience accumulated by aucotec in the field that power generation, transmission and distribution are the main factors causing fires, which has advantageously promoted the interaction between technicians and projects of both sides

areva public check whether it has manually changed the revised value, calibration value or other information content in the main parameters of the hardware; Of the 180 licenses ordered by the company, 110 have been installed so far. In this way, in addition to the headquarters in France, the branches in Britain, India, Egypt, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Dubai and China have begun to use this new platform

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