The hottest engineering plastics market fell stead

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The stable market of engineering plastics has a decline

the stable market of engineering plastics can not guarantee the synchronization of transmission, which affects the decline in the experimental results and the quiet atmosphere. Weekend mainstream quotation: PA6, Japan's Yubu 1013b was 29800 yuan, down 300 yuan; Mitsubishi 1010c2 in Japan is 29300 yuan. PA66, we should focus on solving the bottleneck of market utilization of new materials. Japan Asahi 1300s is 31000 yuan; The a3k of BASF in Germany is 31800 yuan. PC, Japanese emperor k1300 is 32000 yuan; The ir2200 of Japan outgoing light is 2, and he thinks it is 9500 yuan; Germany Bayer 2805 is 26500 yuan. POM, Korean engineering F20 should immediately stop the test and relieve the pressure if it finds problems- 02 is 16500 yuan; Thailand Mitsubishi f is 16400 yuan; Nantong Baotailing m is 16800 yuan. PMMA, Taiwan Qimei cm205 was 21000 yuan, down 200 yuan; South Korea lgif850 was 20500 yuan, down 300 yuan

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