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China's engineering plastics industry presents four development trends

China's engineering plastics industry presents four development trends

February 6, 2004

entering the new century, China's engineering plastics industry has maintained a good momentum of rapid development, and in the context of scientific and technological progress and environmental protection, the Zibo Municipal Government of Shandong Province and the China Science and technology investment promotion group have jointly established the "Zibo micro Angel alliance mass entrepreneurship and innovation complex" In the future, the demand for engineering plastics in the development of new materials will build a national regional center for testing and evaluation of new materials, which will only increase, and there is a new trend in the improvement of independent technology

experts believe that, first of all, because it is difficult to invest in new varieties of monomer synthetic plastics, the cycle is long, the investment is large, and the effect is slow, it has shown a decreasing trend in the late 1980s, and there will not be too many new varieties on the market in the short term in the future; In the industry, the structure of existing polymers and monomers will be changed through special catalysts, and new varieties of materials will be made through alloying, blending, modification

and other technologies to meet the different needs of the market. Making general plastics engineering, engineering plastics high-performance

and low-cost will become the main trend of development in the future

environmental issues are an important part of the sustainable development strategy. When developing products in the future, we should not only consider the economy of raw materials, but also pay more attention to environmental factors, on the premise of energy saving, material saving and environmental protection. In addition, the effective recycling of plastic waste will become an important topic of plastic engineering, especially the recycling of engineering plastics, which will definitely be a hot spot in the development of

in the future. According to the China Epoxy Resin Industry Association (), the application of nano

materials in polymer modification and the in-situ composite of liquid crystal materials will have a great impact on the plastic industry. In the future, the research of nanotechnology is an indispensable part, which may bring unexpected results to the development of engineering plastics industry

Finally, experts pointed out that China's engineering plastics industry has fully realized that in order to speed up development, on the one hand, we should make use of foreign technology and funds, but on the other hand, we should mainly rely on our own strength, and concentrate the strength of all aspects to form a joint force, gradually expand independent technology, so as to form a large-scale industrial production as soon as possible, Complete the industrialization development goal

reprinted from "the national 1025 plan for China's epoxy resin industry clearly puts forward the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction"

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