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Engineering crane: made in China starts to move towards the world

engineering crane: made in China starts to move towards the world

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Guide: baumachina2006 takes advantage of the brand advantages of Germany's Munich International Exhibition Group to attract the latest technology from more than 1000 exhibitors in 30 countries and the attention of more than 80000 visitors in more than 100 countries. Even if it has been raining for days, it can't stop the exhibitors from trying to compete with God, although each

baumachina2006, taking advantage of the brand advantages of the International Exhibition Group Munich, Germany, has attracted the latest technology from more than 1000 exhibitors from 30 countries and the attention of more than 80000 visitors from more than 100 countries. Even if it has been raining for days, it can't stop the exhibitors' ambition to compete with the heavenly trial. Although all international brands have made a strong debut, made in China has really caught fire through its own efforts at its own door. For the engineering crane industry, throughout the exhibition, the following characteristics are reflected:

1 crawler cranes take the lead

the rapid rise of crawler cranes is the first feature of this exhibition. Unlike the previous two sessions, the first impression of this exhibition is that the boom of crawler cranes covers the sharp edge of the telescopic boom of wheel cranes and the boom of concrete pump trucks, and has achieved a commanding height. From the perspective of exhibitors, four years ago, the main domestic manufacturers were Xuzhong and Fushou. Two years ago, Zoomlion and sany joined the ranks of crawler cranes. By this year, six local manufacturers, including Xuzhong, Fushou, Zoomlion, Sany, Shandong Luneng Everbright and Fushun project, had participated in the exhibition. Three foreign brand manufacturers, including Liebherr, Shengang and Hitachi Sumitomo, had not sent products to the exhibition because of "political" reasons, In addition, Taiqi and Changqi are actively developing crawler cranes, and all exhibitors want to show their products or strength through the exhibition. From the weight level of the products exhibited, this exhibition mainly focuses on large tonnage products, and the products displayed are all products of more than 100 tons, with the maximum lifting capacity of 450t and 600t. At the same time, there are two sets of 400t, one set of 350t, one set of 280t and two sets of 250t. The products are not only of many varieties, complete series, but also have their own characteristics in structure and appearance, which constitute a beautiful scenery of this exhibition. China has activated the crawler crane market due to the simultaneous launch of several super large projects. The m21000 of manitowak, the cc8800 of Terex, the lr11350 of Liebherr and the 3000t crawler crane with double arm platform of Marmont have successively settled in China, setting new hoisting records again and again. At the same time, the market pattern of domestic manufacturers has not yet been formed. According to the words of general manager Xu Chongzhang Yuchun, China's crawler crane market is still in the development period, and every enterprise has development opportunities, resulting in the spectacle of "hundreds of ships competing for the best" in the crawler crane market

2 all terrain cranes have become more and more mature.

in the same exhibition hall four years ago, Xu Zhong launched an all terrain crane with independent intellectual property rights that conforms to China's national conditions, causing a sensation in the industry. However, domestic peers are more wait-and-see, believing that all terrain technology is not necessarily suitable for the Chinese market. The technology content of all terrain is high, and the price is also high. For medium and small tonnage cranes, the advantages of the whole road surface in terms of driving performance are indeed not obvious compared with its price. However, for large tonnage cranes, the use of all road technology is the best way to solve the axle load, ride comfort, multi axle steering and power distribution of the whole machine. With the serialization and best-selling of Xuzhong's all pavement products, domestic peers began the research and product manufacturing of all pavement technology. Their first equipment was displayed at this exhibition, while Xu Chong, the first crab eater, displayed qay160, QAY200, qay240, qay300 all pavement crane products. Their number and maximum lifting weight were the sum of other exhibitors in the same exhibition. Qay240 and qay300 were released for the first time, and qay240 was a 6-axis all pavement chassis Seven oval main arms; Qay300 is a 7-axle all road chassis, which has made a major breakthrough in chassis weight matching, power transmission, multi axle steering and other technologies, and the car has also entered the super lift device matching; Qay160 and QAY200 are improved products, and the latest patented technology is adopted in the arm head structure, cab and control cab; After 4 years of continuous exploration, Xuzhong has basically understood the connotation of all pavement technology. In terms of foreign exhibits, Liebherr showed ltm1200/5.1, a five bridge product with a main boom length of 72m, which is the highest performance five axis product in the industry; Terex showed AC, a 6-axis product with a main boom length of 80m, which is the product with the highest 250 ton performance in the industry; TADANO showed atf220g-5, a 5-axis product with a main boom length of 68m, which increased the tonnage by 60t on the basis of the atf160g-5 exhibited in the previous session, and its technical performance is second only to Liebherr and Terex products

although our truck crane design and manufacturing technology has surpassed the Japanese brand, there are still some gaps in the all pavement technology. On the one hand, China's all pavement technology started late, on the other hand, TADANO adopts the best design and manufacturing technology in Europe. Even though we have completed the all pavement product series, we still have a long way to go in terms of technical research and application of new technologies

3 made in China has revived the truck crane industry

as we all know, we can guide the market through technology, but we mainly choose products through the market. In view of the different development levels of the global crane market, it also provides opportunities for the development and growth of various types of cranes. From a global perspective, China's crane market is in the development stage, with high requirements for crane performance and relatively low requirements for technical level, which leads to the fact that truck cranes must be our best-selling products. At this exhibition, 7 local enterprises showed their latest technologies. As the leader of the industry, Xuzhong exhibited QY130K, QY100K and QY80K, among which QY130K is promoted as a hybrid product, which is the crystallization of all road technology and truck crane technology. The maximum arm length can reach 58m, and the maximum lifting height with jib can reach 86m, which is the highest performance product in the industry at present; QY80K is a 5-axis product. Through technological progress, 6-axis 80t will be upgraded to a 5-axis product within 4 years, showing the speed of technological progress of XCMG; Xuzhong's three kinds of truck crane products are brand-new products with the latest shape and compact boom structure. As the second in the industry, Puyuan has launched four V series products, qy30v, qy40v, qy50v and qy70v, which mainly reflect the new shape and coating of V series, all of which are innovative products within two years. From the exhibits of the above two companies, Xuzhong has obvious leading advantages in the application of crane chassis and new crane technology. Due to the strong innovation ability of all manufacturers, there should be no slack in product research and development, so that China's crane industry can develop rapidly and healthily in the competition. Lt1055 and lt1130 displayed by Changqi, gt-550e, gt-350e, gt-250e displayed by Beiqi TADANO, QY12, qy20, qy35h displayed by bengqi, qy50 displayed by northern communications, and QY25 displayed by Foton Heavy Industries are all representative works or debut works of their manufacturers, and they are also the main models that impacted the market in 2007. Kato of Japan, a major manufacturer of truck cranes, exhibited its classic product nk-550vr, which was once sold well in Australia and Southeast Asia. The mainstream products in Europe and the United States are all road technology, so there are no exhibits. However, due to the full impact of Chinese made truck cranes on the international market, and China's strong manufacturing capacity, in order to maintain their own market as much as possible, Liebherr and Terex also exhibited their innovative truck cranes at previous exhibitions, which are characterized by the use of a general chassis, independent engines on the car, and easy assembly on and off the car, It is convenient to quickly form a series, so that truck cranes can recover in the world

4 high speed off-road tire crane is the future development trend

baumachina has become the top Construction Machinery Expo in Asia. As a major construction machinery manufacturing country, Japan naturally will not give up the opportunity to show itself. At this exhibition, Japanese enterprises showed their advanced tire crane technology, with a total of gr-700exl, qly25bt (TADANO), mr-130, sl-650r (Kato). Japan is a major automobile crane manufacturing country, It is also a large manufacturer of tire cranes. It is natural to show tire crane products, which also implies that the market of tire cranes will change. At present, China, India, the Middle East and other developing countries and regions are still in the period of economic construction and development, and various projects are in the construction period. When the industrial layout and urban planning and other projects are completed and reach the stable maintenance period, the tire crane will be widely used because of its unique functions, and its market will be activated at that time. Thereafter, thanks to the mature technology and experience of truck crane and all terrain crane technology, tire crane will develop rapidly

5 products when the lightweight design requirements are combined with the variability of different components

international exhibitions not only display advanced high-performance products, but also show the latest technology to the audience, show the best solutions to key problems, show the development trend of technology, provide a platform for technical exchange and discussion for the audience, and stimulate the innovation inspiration of the audience. Liebherr showed the audience the most advanced caliper disc brake technology, multi-mode steering technology of dynamic rear axle steering, as well as full hydraulic cylinder telescopic outrigger technology and power luffing jib technology. Its latest research results have been popularized and applied in a series of products. Xu Zhong showed the elliptical boom, compact boom head, boom barrel butt joint, single cylinder fully automatic telescopic boom technology with independent intellectual property rights, as well as modeling technology, bag sling, counterweight self installation technology, super lift technology, etc. the application of these innovative technologies has greatly improved the performance of the whole machine, while improving maintenance and operation efficiency. The advantages are very obvious, and have been popularized in series products. Puyuan's H-series full LCD numerical control set the required parameter column to be upgraded to V series, opening a new fashion for China's truck crane consumption. Facts have proved that the benefits brought by the new technology are very obvious. For the successful application of each new technology, many old users require the technology to be transplanted into their original products. Due to the improvement of the overall level of cranes in China, users no longer avoid the new technology, but rush to buy new technologies and products, In a sense, the market has also promoted the development of new technologies and products, and should be used for planetary gear reducer, cycloid pin reducer, worm reducer, planetary friction mechanical stepless transmission, etc

from the scale, quantity, variety and model of the exhibition hall and the technical performance of the exhibits, the gap between made in China and foreign exhibits is narrowing year by year. It also shows the real level, development speed and development potential of China's engineering cranes to foreign exhibitors and international users, which has been praised and recognized by international users. Made in China has become the theme of this exhibition, and made in China will go global, More participation in global economic construction. But this is our home after all. Foreign manufacturers did not fully participate because of the shortage of products, and the products participating in the exhibition cannot represent their highest level. We should see the deficiencies and find the gap:

(1) the gap in crane product types and series. In China, truck crane

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