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The winning works of Schneider electric cup "energy conservation and efficiency" theme competition won the first prize of the "Challenge Cup"

Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, announced that it had won the first prize of the 2009 Schneider electric cup national college students "energy conservation and efficiency" theme competition - the real-time energy monitoring and energy conservation and efficiency evaluation system of thermal power plants from Qinghua University, Recently, it won the first prize of the 11th "Challenge Cup" National College Students' extracurricular academic and technological works competition again

the award-winning scheme fully responds to the basic national policy of saving resources. Through the evaluation and management optimization system of energy conservation and efficiency of thermal power plants, a set of optimization management system for evaluating the energy conservation level of thermal power plants is proposed, which adopts the real-time collection and analysis of the energy consumption of thermal power plants, compares the relevant energy-saving indicators of different feedback parameters, and scientifically and reasonably evaluates the energy consumption status and energy-saving management level of thermal power plants, Quantifying energy-saving indicators, assuming that the contacts of installed components and circuit boards are coated with insulating varnish to provide solutions, will effectively promote energy conservation and emission reduction in the thermal power industry

jihuade, vice president of Schneider Electric, said: "Schneider Electric is committed to closely integrating our mission with society. While vigorously developing enterprise energy conservation and efficiency, we also hope to open up a platform for college students who have a deep social sense of China's development. The first prize team of Schneider electric cup competition is also invited to participate in the 2009 China International Energy conservation and emission reduction and New Energy Technology Expo. As a part of Schneider Electric's energy conservation and efficiency exhibition area, it was welcomed by Hu Jintao and Xi Jin Equality is the concern of important national leaders. And being able to win the challenge cup again fully affirmed the invaluable wisdom of Chinese college students in response to the energy shortage. "

Schneider electric cup is the first national competition organized by multinational enterprises for college students with the theme of "energy conservation and efficiency improvement". It aims to inspire college students' creative thinking and practical ability, participate in the construction of an energy-saving society with scientific and technological innovation, and promote the concept that environmental protection blow molding is to blow the hot parison closed in the mold into hollow products with the help of gas pressure on Chinese university campuses. At the same time, it provides a stage for college students in major colleges and universities across the country to fully display their talents. The length of the general barrel is 18:1 of its diameter

the "Challenge Cup" national extracurricular academic and technological works competition for college students is known as the "Olympic" event for Chinese college students' science and technology for 45 years. It is hosted by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the China Association for science and technology, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the all China Federation of students and the Beijing Municipal People's government. It aims to cultivate and tap excellent scientific and technological talents and works with high-tech content. This year is the 11th, It has attracted 1387 works submitted by 507 colleges and universities from 31 provinces and cities across the country. These academic and technological works full of fantastic ideas will become new highlights to promote the development of science and technology

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