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Current situation and development of domestic electronic glass industry

with the rapid development of national economic informatization, the requirements for all kinds of electronic information products are becoming higher and higher. As communications, computers, digital TVs, new display devices, new components, new electric light sources and other products continue to develop new products and expand the market in order to meet the needs of the market, the technical requirements for all kinds of electronic glass products are becoming more and more strict. Therefore, Electronic glass is one of the basic supporting industries of electronic information products. Its development speed and technical level also directly affect the development of electronic information products. In order to meet the demand of domestic aircraft for aluminum lithium alloy, we should continue to strengthen the construction of electronic glass during the Tenth Five Year Plan period to contribute to the development of electronic information products

I. prediction of industrial status and development trend

1. The scope of electronic glass mainly includes

① black and white kinescope (including black and white display tube) glass shell Color picture tube (including color display tube) glass shell

② electronic glass components for picture tube (neck tube for glass shell, glass tube for core column, exhaust pipe, low glass powder for color tube and bracket glass welding)

③ glass for display device (ultra-thin glass for LCD, ITO conductive glass, glass screen for PDP, glass cover for VFD, exhaust pipe, etc.)

④ glass for electric light source (pull tube for new electric light source, solar collector tube glass tube

⑤ new packaging of glass shampoo and laundry detergent for vacuum electrical parts (glass shell for vacuum switch tube, etc.)

⑥ glass shell for rear projection tube

2. Industrial status:

in the past decade, China's electronic glass has also developed rapidly with the development of various components, Through technology introduction, technological transformation and digestion and absorption, a certain industrial foundation has been initially formed. Through the gradual mastery of large-scale production technology and new processes, new economic growth points have been gradually formed. The sales and output value of electronic glass have increased significantly year by year. In particular, the production of color kinescope glass shells accounts for about 12% of the world's production of color kinescope glass shells, and has stepped into the forefront of the world's largest producer of color kinescope glass shells. ITO conductive glass used for LCD devices has reached an annual output of 60million pieces (14 inches × L4 inch/piece), a large part of which is exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions, but most of the ultra-thin glass for LCD needs to be imported because of its poor technology. The output of all kinds of drawn glass for electric light sources has reached 110million, which can meet the needs of all kinds of fluorescent lamps and new electric light sources (such as compact energy-saving lamps, ring fluorescent lamps, thin neck fluorescent lamps). All kinds of electronic glasses have played an important role in the development of electronic components

according to statistics, the number of various types of electronic glass produced in 1998 was:

* 6million black-and-white (including display tubes) glass shells and 6million small black-and-white glass shells, a total of 12million

* color (including display tube) glass shells, including 29million color glasses; 36million color cones

* 60million pieces of ITO glass (14 inches) for LCD × L4 inch/piece)

* 40million glass tubes for neck tubes

* 2000 tons of low melting point glass powder

* 70million glass welding brackets

* 110million glass tubes for electric light sources

* 300000 glass shells for vacuum switch tubes

in addition to some products used in the domestic market, some products are exported to the international market. For example, nearly 1million sets of color kinescope glass shells were exported in 1998, with an export amount of US $36million, The export amount of ITO glass reaches 80million US dollars

in general, the development of various products in China's electronic glass industry is uneven. The level of color kinescope glass shell is slightly higher, the process is mature, the yield is high, and the product quality is close to the international level; Many quantities of ITO glass are also exported to foreign countries. However, there is still a big gap between other aspects of electronic glass and foreign countries: the product design and development ability is not strong; The supporting capacity is poor, and some key raw materials and equipment still rely on imports. With the rapid development of domestic components, the requirements for all kinds of electronic glass are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, all kinds of electronic glass should be based on the basis and characteristics of their own development. While accelerating the development, they should constantly expand and expand the application fields to meet the growing market demand

3. Market forecast at home and abroad

according to the analysis and prediction of relevant data, by 2000, the total output of color kinescope glass shells in the world will be about 270Million, and the domestic output of color kinescope glass shells will be about 40million, accounting for 14% of the total world output; By 2005, the world's demand for colored glass shells is about 360million, with an annual growth rate of about 6%. The domestic output of colored glass shells is expected to be 60million, accounting for about 16.2% of the world's total output. The forecast of other major products is shown in the following table:

domestic and foreign market forecast of electronic glass products in 2000

Product Name domestic market international market

demand 4 30 minutes after the test piece is formed, the sales volume (billion yuan) demand sales volume (billion dollars)

6million black-and-white glass shells, 210 million 0.4

60million color glass shells, 21.36 billion 150

3000 tons of low glass powder, 10.5 20000 tons, 8

1400 pieces of bracket glass welding, 700 million pieces, 0.5

150 million pieces of ITO glass, 45.5 billion pieces, 60

180 million pieces of tube glass, 60 million pieces of 50000 pieces, 0.25

other electronic glass(sales) ——1-1.5

4. Development focus:

(1) development focus of color glass shell:

① 29 inch, 34 inch and 38 inch hyperplane glass shell

② 29 inch, 34 inch pure plane glass shell

③ 16:9 32 inch and 36 inch glass shell

④ 15 inch, 17 inch 19 inch and 21 inch high-resolution display tube glass shell

(2) LCD development focus:

① black and white and color STN ITO glass

② TFT-LCD ITO glass

③ STN and TFT-LCD ultra-thin glass

(3) electric light source glass development focus:

① new electric light source (thin tube neck glass tube, compact energy-saving lamp glass tube)

② microwave oven glass

③ solar collector heat pipe glass tube

(4) Other key points of electronic glass development:

① tube drawing glass for kinescope glass shell, bracket glass welding, low glass powder

② glass shell for vacuum switch tube

③ electronic glass for various newly developed devices

5. Development goal:

by 2005, an annual output of 60million color glass shells (40million color glass shells, 20million color display tube glass shells) will be achieved. Among them, 30% of the large screen color tube glass shells above 29 inches will reach 12million

150 million pieces (14 inches) of ITO glass for LCD × 14 inches/piece)

the annual output of thin glass reaches 2.5 million square meters

foreign exchange earnings from export: US $200 ~ 250million

new output: 20million color tube glass shells

new output value: 6billion yuan

domestic market share: color glass shells account for 80 ~ 85%; ITO glass accounts for 80%; Tube glass accounts for 90%

electronic glass has basically formed a development mode from research and development to mass production to realize industrialization, embarked on a healthy path of independent development, and the technical level of its main products has reached the advanced level in the late 1990s

6. Tools of main products they made the shell of sunflower seeds, wheat bran and sawdust of wood into wood fiber powder particles development plan

electronic glass industrialization project table

project name new planned output (100 million yuan)

1. 20million colored glass shells 40

2. LCD ITO glass 1.2 million square meters 6

ultra thin glass 2.5 million square meters 4

3. 70million tube glasses for electric light sources 1

4 1000 tons of low glass powder 0.5

5. 1.2 million glass shells for projection tubes 0.3

6. 30million glass covers for VFD 0.5

2. Policy measures and suggestions

1. Include glass shells for large screen power color kinescope and high-resolution color display tubes in key projects, strengthen planning and coordinate development, especially pay close attention to the design and development of molds, and master the mass production technology of glass shells as soon as possible

2. List the large-scale production technology of thin glass for LCD and ITO glass into key engineering projects, strengthen planning, and concentrate on organizing technical research

3. Increase investment, develop economies of scale, list the production technology of colored glass shells and thin glass into national special projects, and implement investment preferential policies for them

4. Set up special development funds for large-scale production technology research, commercialization of scientific research achievements and digestion and absorption of major introduced technologies

5. For key technologies related to the quality of electronic glass, such as furnace temperature control technology, batching technology, mold manufacturing technology, press technology, etc., organize forces to tackle key problems, set up incentive funds, and give heavy rewards to scientific and technological personnel who have made significant contributions

6. Implement preferential tax policies for electronic glass

7. Strengthen the use of foreign capital and attract foreign advanced technology, talents and funds

8. Strengthen the research on relevant raw materials, instruments and equipment of electronic glass to achieve synchronous development

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