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The current situation and development of flexible packaging industry

whether it is flexible packaging processors, their customers, or end consumers, they have such views and requirements for good flexible packaging: interesting patterns, good functions, cheap prices, easy to use. It is precisely because flexible packaging has such advantages that it can show the momentum of sustainable development in the whole packaging market in recent years, and explosive growth occurs from time to time

nowadays, the general understanding in the industry is that flexible packaging, as a form of packaging, will continue to grab more share in the whole packaging market and gradually replace the application of hard packaging in the market. At the same time, it is also considered to be the best packaging method for new products in the future. The share of upright bags in the packaging market also continues to show an upward trend. More and more processors have joined the ranks of the flexible packaging Association (FPA), which also shows the growth trend of flexible packaging from another side

in FPA's prediction of this year's flexible packaging market, most members believe that the market growth of the United States this year will exceed that of last year, while some members believe that it will be the same as last year, while only a few believe that it will decline. Data from the U.S. Department of labor and the Department of Commerce showed that by the end of 2001, the flexible packaging industry in the United States had employed more than 90.000 people. However, at present, most large-scale flexible packaging processors are still in the era of small-scale operation of "one set of equipment dominates the world". Generally speaking, an ordinary processor will employ no more than 100 people. Many companies' development plans are only at the level of adding more equipment

the current flexible packaging market can be divided into three parts: food manufacturers are still the largest users of flexible packaging, accounting for about 50% of the total market; Daily chemical products account for 25% of the share, and the remaining share is shared by other products. When asked about the deeper requirements for flexible packaging, most of these end customers said that this requirement was gradually shifting from reducing the cost of flexible packaging to reducing the cost of materials. In addition. For the requirements of small batch flexible packaging and inventory control, flexo printing technology has accordingly become "the best choice for flexible packaging processors"

on the other hand, flexible packaging manufacturers have different views on this. About 40% of manufacturers believe that they need to increase production; 20% believed that the cost of materials should be better controlled and reduced, so as to gain greater advantages in the increasingly fierce market competition; 8% believed that labor costs should be controlled; Only 4% of the manufacturers believed that the cost of products should be reduced

supply and demand relationship

lisa Pierce is an industry observer. She has a close cooperation relationship with FPA in predicting the development trend of the flexible packaging market. She raised the following three questions about the supply-demand relationship in this market: what do consumers want? What does the manufacturer want? What do retailers want

"what consumers want is' fun '," pierce replied, "Manufacturers hope to establish and maintain a good cooperative relationship with customers. On the one hand, they can enhance the trust between each other. On the other hand, they can improve the sales volume of their products. Only our Jinan experimental machine factory knows the longest service time. For consumers, the feel and shape of flexible packaging are the most important. What they want is the kind of packaging that people want to touch at a glance. At the same time, texture and ergonomics Learning design is also a very important factor. Therefore, marketers must consider such a question: how does this package feel? "

of course, this is not the whole benefit of improving economic efficiency. Pierce further said, "consumers also have high requirements for the freshness of products, which is mainly due to health considerations. Therefore, for a flexible packaging bag, whether it has high barrier is also very important. Because consumers hope that the packaging can give sufficient protection to the food, so that it will not deteriorate."

as for the convenience and portability of the packaging bag, pierce emphasized the easy to open design and tear open seal el. She believed that the design and portability of the zipper were very important. She pointed out that consumers are more and more interested in easy to carry and easy to open packaging, and marketers cater to this interest of consumers, which in turn has further promoted the market demand for this kind of packaging

popular products

FPA's recent survey shows that fresh agricultural products, pet food, meat products, edible poultry products, fast food, surgical and pharmaceutical products are still the main products driving the growth of the soft sample: cement mortar block 110x110x10mm 10 pieces are smeared with standard slurry paint on the intermediate packaging market of the two cement mortar blocks. Among them, agricultural products rank first, especially the packaging market of fresh fruit, which is convenient for consumers, is growing rapidly

it is predicted that pet food packaging will continue to maintain its second share in the flexible packaging market in the next five years, and more than half of saddle packaging processors are targeting this market, which is considered profitable. At the same time, the trend of pet food packaging from composite cans to upright bags is also seen as a rare development opportunity. Meat products, edible poultry products and seafood packaging rank third in the market share. Seafood packaging is expanding its influence in the flexible packaging market. First, this kind of packaging is more exquisite and unique in design than other packaging. Second, seafood itself is one of the hot selling points in the food market

in addition, in the survey, nearly half of the people believe that the pharmaceutical packaging market will increase significantly in the next few years, because of the continuous emergence of high and new technologies in the industry, the invention of biotechnology products, the widespread use of disposable packaging and the growing aging population.

finally, fast food packaging ranks in the top five, The solid that promotes its market growth provides significant performance advantages for film processors and end users. In addition to the improvement and improvement of the function and appearance design of the God packaging, the fast food itself can meet the fast-paced life needs of busy office workers

practical application

dianefamham of Eastman Chemical and Bruce foster of mica said: "Polyester plastic has very good applications in packaging. It has unique physical properties, including hardness, heat resistance, oil resistance, oxygen barrier, printability, heat sealing, odorless and tasteless, etc.

Todd Robinson of Chevron phiips chem1cal has a similar view on this, he said:" high density polyethylene (the physical characteristics of HDPE J are that its transparency and gloss are very poor. However, the original garden, first, this kind of packaging is more exquisite and unique in design than other packaging. Second, seafood itself is one of the hot selling points in the food market.

in addition, in the survey, nearly half of people believe that the pharmaceutical packaging market will have a substantial growth in the next few years, because of the continuous emergence of high and new technologies in the industry The invention of science and technology products, the widespread use of disposable packaging and the growing aging population.

finally, fast food packaging ranks among the top five. In addition to the improvement and improvement of the function and appearance design of the God packaging, the fast food itself can meet its stretchability is very good. With the continuous development of technology, This situation is changing because HDPE resin has good transparency, which overcomes the weakness of HDPE in this regard. For film manufacturers, they are seizing the opportunity to develop HDPE films with good optical effects and hardness. Even if this film has only one layer, its hardness is considerable. Co extrusion single-layer packaging, which is widely used in food packaging, transparent packaging and high transparent and high gloss industrial packaging markets, will also benefit from this technology. "

Douglas horsey and Nicola lelli of Ciba Specialty chemicals added: plastic film. Tes is polyolefin film. It is the main packaging material in the packaging industry. These films occupy all fields of the flexible packaging market because of their low cost, good mechanical properties and durability

requirements of processors

stevetsuing of CP conve RTE RS pointed out that printers and flexible packaging processors urgently require raw material suppliers to produce machines and equipment with simple operation. Jeff nanstad of anagram inte International said he was "working hard to reduce product costs and strive to take the initiative in the competition"

bruce jondle of grenroy hopes that suppliers can "pay attention to the needs of processors". He also warns that "if large companies ignore innovation, they may face the risk of failure. If small companies pay attention to this, they can get better development." Jondle believes that buying eight sets of suitable equipment and heavy machinery will greatly improve productivity

Tom Dunn of printpak said: don't stop innovating. Otherwise, he won't make progress. His goal is simple, but also very bold, That is: "Let packaging be as successful as bottle packaging!

Future Outlook

when asked what important factors will affect the future development of the flexible packaging industry, more than half of the processors and suppliers pointed out that mergers and acquisitions will be one of the general trends in the future development of flexible packaging enterprises. One third of the processors believe that technological progress will greatly promote the growth of the flexible packaging market. In addition, a few people believe that in the next few years, it will Facing bigger and more severe challenges


how will flexible packaging go in the future? Some people say that flexible packaging should have better printing quality; Some people also say that there is a need for new substrates: others say that there is a need for more updated applications. But in any case, everyone believes that growth is inevitable. Of course, there is pressure. Competition will also become increasingly fierce, which requires flexible packaging practitioners to produce better products with better services and higher work efficiency to meet the needs of the market

source: VIP compiled by: Tang Jinliang

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