The world's first gravity lighter tester is launch

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The world's first gravity lighter tester was launched in Ningbo.

after Xinhai company participated in the formulation of international standards for lighters, Ningbo once again stood at the top of the world's lighters industry standards. Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau revealed yesterday that its lighter laboratory has successfully developed the world's first gravity lighter parameter tester, and will usher in the final on-site examination of the European Commission in the near future. Once passing the examination, Ningbo lighter laboratory will become the first lighter testing institution recommended by the European Union in the Asia Pacific region. This also means that Ningbo lighter enterprises will be able to get a "pass" to enter the EU market at their home

lighter detection capability is an important guarantee for lighter products to overcome CR regulations and smoothly enter the European and American markets. After years of technical research, the lighter Laboratory of Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has become a lighter testing institution recognized by the International Laboratory Accreditation Committee (ILAC), and was recognized by the National Laboratory Accreditation Committee in February this year as the only lighter Key Laboratory in China with six authorized materials and their requirements, including 100710161030105510601062

after the argument of the lighter industry in China, the newly revised draft CR regulation of the European Union stipulates that gravity lighters with anti child opening devices or with a strike force of more than 40 Newton can be recognized as Cr lighters. Due to the relatively high cost of anti child opening devices, the vast majority of Ningbo lighter export enterprises choose to produce gravity lighters. However, the following problem is that only one or two laboratories in the world have the detection ability of gravity lighters, and there is a lack of relevant standards, so the detection accuracy is not high. Ningbo lighter laboratory once again carried out arduous technical research, and finally successfully developed the world's first gravity lighter parameter tester in this regard in October last year, mastering the world's most advanced testing technology for gravity lighter products. Recently, the invention patent application of the gravity lighter tester has been accepted by the national patent office. The person in charge of the lighter laboratory told that in the near future, the bridge is also preparing to apply for the invention patent of this product in the European Union by using the Lokg drop ball full pier column plumber

the standard testing ability of Ningbo lighters has been recognized worldwide. At the end of October last year, officials of the European Commission believed that the testing ability and level of lighter safety performance of Ningbo lighter laboratory had fully met and met the requirements of the European Union. Recently, the European Union will send personnel to Ningbo to conduct the final on-site assessment of Ningbo lighter laboratory. It is understood that at present, there is only one British laboratory in the world recognized as a recommended testing institution by the European Union, and the lighter products tested by this institution will be unimpeded in the European Union market. The person in charge of a Ningbo enterprise said that if you were at home, the shelf life of perishable food could be extended by two times & nbsp; Thanks to the credit of new composite materials, getting a "pass" to enter the EU market will save a lot of testing costs

as Ningbo's lighter detection ability gradually occupies the world's leading level, the quality of lighter products in our city is also "rising". At present, more than 95% of lighters exported to the EU in the city have reached the CR standard

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