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On May 19, 2005, guolinping, a user who was working at the junction of Zhenping and Neixiang in Nanyang, Henan Province, reported for repair: a 6320b roller (vehicle number) purchased by him from our company had a hydraulic system alarm and the roller had no large or small vibration. He hoped that our department would rush to repair it quickly. After receiving it, the company's after-sales personnel rushed to the scene of the accident immediately, and made fault inspection and maintenance

fault analysis and inspection:

the full hydraulic vibratory roller has the problem of no large or small vibration. First, the fault range can be locked on the vibration system. The circuit, hydraulic components and oil circuit system are the main causes of the problem. The service personnel of our department and the technicians of the product development department measured the circuit together, found that there was no problem with the circuit, and then concluded that the reason for no large or small vibration was the oil circuit and hydraulic components

troubleshooting and solutions:

because the user did not carry a pressure gauge, he had to check the electronic speed change valve on the vibration pump first, and then remove the electronic speed change valve, which is too wasteful, and clean it (eliminate the jamming). After cleaning, it was found during installation that the oil inlet pipe vibrated when the vibration was turned on, indicating that there was oil passing through but there was still no vibration. Then check the coupling, remove the hydraulic motor and connect the pipeline for test, but there was still no vibration. At this time, it is judged that nine times out of ten is the problem of the oil filter, but the oil filter is removed for cleaning, and the commissioning is carried out after installation. Although there are obvious high changes in accuracy, the vibration is still not good. The oil filter is cleaned repeatedly for three times, and the fault still cannot be eliminated. Finally, the fault can be solved after replacing the oil filter

summary and Enlightenment:

according to the fault phenomenon and the understanding of the on-site construction environment (there is more dust on the construction site), it can be basically determined that the fault is caused by the large pollution shrinkage of the oil. Since the filtering accuracy of the oil filter is 5 m, the filter element should be replaced immediately if it does not work

as a service person, you should remind the user that you should pay attention to the maintenance of the hydraulic system at ordinary times. Once the oil is polluted, you should not only replace the oil filter, but also re filter the oil before use, otherwise the replaced filter will be blocked

in the process of this maintenance, the absence of a pressure gauge caused great trouble to the maintenance personnel. Therefore, the user should be informed to carry the two pressure gauges used for maintenance in the excess capacity of the low-end product of the onboard password box with the vehicle

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