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Analysis and troubleshooting of common faults of air compressor

the common faults of air compressor in the process of use mainly fall into three categories: oil leakage fault, overheating fault and abnormal noise fault. The following categories are analyzed and solved

I. oil leakage fault analysis

in the daily operation of the air compressor, oil leakage of the air compressor often occurs, and there is lubricating oil overflow on the surface

causes of oil leakage fault of air compressor:

1. Oil seal falls off or oil leakage due to oil seal defects

2. The oil seal leaks due to the looseness of the main shaft

3. The joint surface leaks, and the inlet and return pipe joints are loose

4. The main bearing bush is worn due to too tight belt installation

5. Casting or processing defects can also cause oil leakage of the air compressor

air compressor oil leakage fault diagnosis and Troubleshooting:

1. Air compressor oil leakage, pay attention to observe the oil seal is the cost-effective part, check whether the oil seal is cracked, whether the inner lip is cracked or flanged. In case of any of the above conditions, it should be replaced; Check whether there are scratches and defects on the joint surface between the oil seal and the main shaft. If there are scratches and defects, replace them. Check whether the oil return is smooth. If the oil return is not smooth, the crankcase pressure will be too high, resulting in oil leakage or falling off of the oil seal. The minimum diameter of the oil return pipe must be guaranteed, and it must not be twisted, bent, and the oil return is smooth. Check the matching size of oil seal and box, and replace it if it does not meet the standard

2. Move the main shaft with force to check whether the journal clearance is too large. If the clearance is too large, replace the bearing bush and oil seal at the same time

3. Check the sealing condition of the sealing gasket at each joint after replacement, and repair or replace the sealing gasket; Check and tighten the oil inlet and return joint bolts and box threads

4. Check the air compressor for oil leakage and readjust the tightness of the belt. It is advisable to press 10 mm with your thumb

5. The air compressor leaks oil, so it is necessary to check the casting or processing defects of the box, repair or replace the defective parts

II. Overheat fault analysis

in the daily operation of the air compressor, the overheat fault of the air compressor will occur due to the long-term overload operation of the air compressor. Air filter element

overheating fault phenomenon of air compressor:

1. The exhaust temperature of air compressor is too high

2. The running part is hot

causes of air compressor overheating fault:

1. The air compressor overheating fault is caused by the non operation of the pressure relief valve or the unloading valve of 4 sets of connectors

2. Qi Koizumi said, "I am still learning how to tell a story now. The serious leakage of the braking system leads to the overheating fault of the air compressor.

3. Insufficient oil supply at the operating parts and cylinder pulling.

judgment and troubleshooting of the overheating fault of the air compressor:

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