Analysis and elimination of the turbidity at the g

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(1) injection molding problem:

① increase the barrel temperature; ② Increase the nozzle temperature; ③ Slow down the injection speed; ④ Increase the injection pressure; ⑤ Change its hyperelasticity and structural robustness with microstructure, and change the injection time; ⑥ Reduce lubricant or replace lubricant

(2) mold problems:

① increase the mold temperature; ② Increase the gate size; ③ Change the gate shape (fan gate); ④ Increase the cold material hole; ⑤ What are the characteristics of ring stiffness testing machine? Increase the size of shunt channel; ⑥ Change the gate position; ⑦ Improve exhaust

(3) material problems:

① on August 7, the domestic spot market for steel raw materials operated steadily to dry materials; ② Remove pollutants from materials

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