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The operation of a carton enterprise is composed of multiple factors such as capital, manpower, equipment, information communication, planning, logistics, etc. as one of the important factors to maintain the normal operation of the enterprise, equipment is indispensable for the production and operation of the enterprise. As a production-oriented enterprise, carton enterprises are even more so - the quality of equipment management directly affects the product quality and delivery time, and determines the success or failure of carton enterprises. Now, many carton enterprises have shown great importance and strong investment in production equipment, and have formulated perfect equipment management manuals. However, other carton enterprises have not yet formed a complete system for equipment maintenance. Many manufacturers' equipment maintenance is still in a random, formalized and non-standard state. There are many objective reasons, but the main one is subjective. For example, the formulation of equipment maintenance and management standards has not kept up in time, To a large extent, this can improve the implementation of equipment maintenance and maintenance plans

The performance and efficiency of each equipment greatly restrict the production quality, progress and cost of carton enterprises. In order to ensure high-quality equipment performance and high-efficiency production, in addition to purchasing appropriate equipment, equipment maintenance can play a preventive role. This is also a problem that carton enterprises need to attach great importance to

normal> so, how do carton companies view equipment maintenance? How do they operate in production? What exactly does equipment maintenance include? What should we pay attention to? As the manufacturing of production equipment, what can the equipment supplier do for equipment maintenance? In this period, we will face the problem of carton equipment maintenance, which deserves the attention of carton enterprises


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equipment maintenance is undoubtedly a must in equipment management. At present, many carton enterprises do not carry out daily maintenance in strict accordance with relevant equipment maintenance regulations or equipment maintenance instructions. After 10 years of research, barsum laboratory has reserved daily maintenance and maintenance time, but few have actually done their work. In addition, the equipment maintenance responsibilities of some carton enterprises are not clear, and relevant personnel have not been assigned to formulate corresponding reward and punishment measures. What we often see is that if a carton enterprise operates two shifts a day, many employees on duty clearly know that there is a problem with the machinery and equipment, but they still insist on production and resolutely leave the equipment problem to the next shift of production operators. In fact, this behavior does great harm to the equipment. Because the operators lack the initiative to maintain the equipment, they always wait until the machine breaks down, which not only increases the cost, but also delays the production. On the other hand, the reason is that the enterprise management has a weak concept of equipment maintenance. As long as the output is increased, the equipment maintenance is always passively managed, and sometimes the daily necessary maintenance is not carried out on the grounds of urgent tasks

is equipment maintenance really that important to carton enterprises? The answer is yes. As the saying goes: a small hole cannot be mended, but a big hole cannot be mended. In the past, it will greatly affect the production of enterprises. Good equipment maintenance can reduce equipment failures, improve equipment utilization and create higher economic benefits; On the contrary, the high failure rate will increase the maintenance cost and use cost, shorten the service life of equipment, reduce the investment value, and increase the downtime rate, affecting production

normal> establish equipment maintenance standards

in the equipment maintenance system, for equipment maintenance links, each process or machine should be required to have a record form to record equipment operation and maintenance at any time, such as "equipment operation and maintenance records", "inspection and maintenance records", "fault records", "inspection Records", "equipment capability approval records", etc, These records not only specify the daily maintenance items that must be carried out for the operator, but also leave records of daily maintenance, fault occurrence and maintenance

normal> the preparation and issuance of equipment maintenance program documents is only the beginning of equipment maintenance, and certain measures are needed to control the implementation. For example, formulate a strict and effective reward and punishment system, link the equipment maintenance cost with the income of employees, and encourage employees to take the initiative to do a good job in equipment maintenance; At the same time, supervisors at all levels shall carry out necessary supervision and inspection. 6 Pressing the "start" button will eventually encourage employees to develop empirical, trial and error and discrete material R & D methods in production, which need to change good working habits

equipment maintenance forms

normal> equipment maintenance is a very important link in the daily management of equipment. The key points for the normal operation of the equipment are that the managers of carton enterprises formulate and implement reasonable maintenance plans and establish a fault reporting system. Through the daily maintenance records, the management personnel of the enterprise can analyze the crux of the problem, make corrections in time, analyze and predict the occurrence of the fault, and avoid the situation that the whole equipment cannot operate normally only after the problem is solved passively

normal> equipment maintenance will directly transition to type 811 maintenance, which is generally divided into the following stages:

normal> aging maintenance. The remarkable feature of this maintenance method is that it can only be repaired when the machine is aging and broken; No spare parts management and ordering plan; There is no fixed maintenance plan

normal> preventive maintenance. This maintenance method is carried out according to the scheduled time period; There are specified maintenance forms for reference; No downtime record and analysis; It can relatively reduce the downtime rate of the machine

normal> productive maintenance. This maintenance method can follow the rules, and maintain and replace accessories according to the instructions of the equipment; The spare parts system is relatively complete; Equipment can operate at low cost and high output

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