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Analysis on the impact of autumn maintenance of Daqin Railway on coal market

the centralized maintenance of Daqin Railway in autumn lasted for a long time, totaling 28 days. The overhaul of Datong Qinhuangdao railway has a certain impact on the coal transfer in the Bohai Rim port, and has a certain pulling effect on the market and the rise of coal prices. However, in the case of high inventory of downstream power plants, there is little impact on coal consumption in coastal areas

during the autumn centralized repair of Daqin Railway last year, the coal price in the Bohai Sea port market first rose slightly, and then fell slightly. During the overhaul this year, the coal price continued to rise slightly. The reasons are as follows: firstly, the impact of environmental protection limit factors in QinGang port still exists, and some coal types are in short supply; Secondly, some small and medium-sized power plants use autumn to replenish the storage, and the cement, chemical and other industries accelerate production, resulting in an increase in coal demand; Thirdly, at the time of replenishment of some users, the autumn centralized repair of Daqin line was ushered in

affected by upstream environmental protection and safety inspection, coal mine shipments in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places decreased; In addition, the daily railway power outage lasts for hours, resulting in the reduction of the transfer in volume of Qinhuangdao port and the rapid decline of the site inventory; During the maintenance period, the coal storage in Qinhuangdao Port decreased by 2.1 million tons, while the coal price in the port market increased by 20 yuan/ton

during the overhaul of Daqin line, Dora express of Inner Mongolia Hebei line has an average daily shipment volume of more than 200000 tons, and a large number of Inner Mongolia resources have been transported to Caofeidian port; During the overhaul of Daqin line, the inventory of Caofeidian three ports increased instead of decreased. In addition, the transportation of Shuohuang railway was accelerated, the daily shipment volume remained at about 500000 tons, the transfer in volume of Huanghua port increased, and the coal storage remained stable. Huanghua Port strengthened dispatching and command, accelerated loading, and met the downstream coal demand. In October, the coal throughput of Huanghua Port exceeded that of Qinhuangdao port. To sum up, it is the positive efforts of the Inner Mongolia Hebei railway and Shuohuang Railway to increase the shipment of underground coal that ensure that the overall coal storage in the Bohai Sea port has not decreased significantly and meet the needs of shipment. At the end of the overhaul of Datong Qinhuangdao line, the coal storage of the six coastal power plants increased instead of falling, with 15.83 million tons of coal stored, an increase of 4.75 million tons over the same period last year; The available days of coal storage in the power plant reached 31 days, an increase of 13 days over the same period last year. With the support of high inventory, the downstream power plants began to mainly transport coal from Changxie, and the market procurement decreased

in the autumn of this year, the downward pressure on the economy has increased, industrial power consumption has weakened, foreign trade and export-oriented enterprises in coastal areas have not started enough, many coastal provinces and cities have increased their purchased power, the thermal power load is low, and the academician workstation for aluminum magnesium alloy materials has been established. The daily consumption of the six coastal power plants continues to remain at a low level of about 500000 tons. Although the state requires that the imported coal should not exceed the level after the spring was produced last year, the coal market is relatively loose under the condition that the daily consumption of the power plant is declining, the demand is not enough and the inventory of other parts such as fan casing, rotor and compressor disk is high. After staged replenishment, downstream users began to purchase at lower prices; In the second half of October, the coal price in the port market fell

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