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The development and application of ERP in China has made great achievements after years of development. "Popularization" and "Deepening Application" have become the two major themes of the current ERP market. Whether popularized or deepened, it means that more and more people pay more attention to the practical application effect of ERP and whether ERP can bring practical benefits to enterprises. It is very meaningful for enterprises and ERP manufacturers

erp should be popularized, but how to understand popularization? Is it possible to popularize a product only by selling it at a low price, or by running a horse to enclose the land? This remains to be discussed

firstly, ERP cannot be promoted by a standard product sales method. ERP is very complex in terms of management objects. Especially with the intensification of market competition, each enterprise has formed its own management concepts, processes and methods in the process of survival and development. It is impossible to use a standard product to suit different objects. Therefore, it is not very appropriate to compare the popularity of ERP to the t-car of that year. In those days, people were simple in demand and thought that cars were only means of transportation. Now, with the development of the plastic recycled particles industry, people have high requirements for cars. Different models, configurations and special requirements need to be manufactured and assembled according to orders, so T-type is not suitable in these days. Everyone's needs are very complex and changeable, so it is impossible to use a certain product or a certain type of product as a standard to promote and popularize. At the same time, ERP does need to be popularized, but how to popularize it needs to be done according to the objective laws of ERP development and application. The first is enterprise process optimization. If ERP is implemented without process optimization, without changing the traditional mode and management method of the enterprise, and without absorbing some effective management modes, the result will be failure

in addition, the popularity of ERP does not mean that ERP products are low-cost. ERP implementation requires senior management experts and professional implementation consultants to do a lot of work in process optimization, design, system setup and training, which are real implementation costs. From the perspective of foreign ERP market, the cost of ERP implementation in the later stage is far greater than that of software products. Therefore, it is dangerous to use a very low software fee to attract customers to purchase

we are not against popularization, but we need to discuss how to popularize it! We also advocate deepening the application of ERP, changing the enterprise management mode and management process in a down-to-earth and down-to-earth manner, optimizing the organization of the enterprise and improving the competitiveness of the enterprise

erp to deepen the market scope of aircraft carbon fiber composites will continue to expand its application, and both vertical and horizontal need to be deepened. At present, the application of ERP in China's manufacturing enterprises is still superficial. ERP functions are mostly used for finance, purchase, sales and inventory, which are far from enough. Production planning control is very important for manufacturing enterprises to improve their core competitiveness. After financial analysis and budget control, can the enterprise shorten the production cycle and make delivery more timely? No, because the management mode of the enterprise has not changed, and the production management mode has not changed. Most Chinese enterprises still adopt manual production management, and the way of making production plans and scheduling production is very backward. For example, if the production cycle of a product is four months, the enterprise will buy all production materials four months ago, and then organize production, processing and assembly. In this way, the inventory, production cost and capital occupancy rate have not been reduced correspondingly. It is also difficult to deal with plan changes, emergency orders and other issues, and can not really improve the market-oriented adaptability of enterprises. In order to supply goods on time, enterprises need to shorten the production cycle to the greatest extent, and their production plans should be adjusted and modified in time

in the process of informatization implementation of manufacturing enterprises, we believe that it is not advisable to apply ERP with financial management as the core. Although the finance has a budget module, it can only be said that it plays a certain role in controlling the capital operation. In fact, in order to truly change an enterprise and improve its overall competitiveness, the enterprise should do a good job in the production, planning, control and management of the high-precision Italian ATOS C servo valve and high-precision pressure sensor. Even if the financial calculation is even more accurate, it can not improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise

erp needs to change the backward manual management mode of the enterprise, which is the most difficult part of the whole informatization and ERP project, because it needs to change the working mode of the enterprise in the past decades, which has great resistance, and requires the enterprise and the manufacturer to invest the corresponding energy and work together to complete it

therefore, ERP deepening must expand the application scope and depth of enterprises. Today's ERP market is becoming more and more rational from the perspective of application enterprises, and more and more silent from the perspective of manufacturers. There is no great fluctuation. The overall ERP market demand is relatively flat, which is worth considering. On the one hand, we can see that the demand of enterprises tends to be rational. Enterprises do not use ERP for fame, but for their own development. At the same time, due to the lessons of some failures in previous years, enterprises are also extremely cautious in choosing ERP, because they do not know which concept represents the latest technology, which leads to the situation of holding money and watching; On the other hand, it is a good thing that manufacturers are silent. At least there is no previous concept hype. More manufacturers are doing things seriously

software suppliers should not only pay attention to market publicity, but also do a good job in every project in a down-to-earth and earnest manner, so that more enterprises can get practical benefits from ERP. Only in this way can we stimulate the confidence of enterprises in ERP, promote the improvement of ERP products, technologies and services, and form a sound development of ERP replacement amplifier industry technology

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