Analysis on Hebei silk screen enterprises' desire

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It is understood that Anping County, Hebei Province is a famous silk town in China and a national silk R & D, production and marketing distribution base. The silk industry has a history of more than 600 years. In 1999, China Hardware Association, one of the organizers of cibhs, awarded Anping the honorary title of "hometown of silk in China"; In 2002, Anping was named "China silk industry base"; In 2004, Anping was named "China silk production and marketing base" again

at present, Anping has become the largest silk distribution center in China. The main products of Anping silk are: stainless steel wire, brass wire, black silk cloth, galvanized steel, steel plate, electric welding, stainless steel window screen, paint baking window screen, plastic spraying window screen, hexagonal, flower, guardrail, conveyor belt, papermaking, printing, various filter products, special-shaped, etc. The number of varieties, complete specifications, large output and excellent quality all rank first in China

"In this exhibition, the appearance of ABS is opaque and ivory granular materials. Hundreds of silk enterprises in Anping, Hebei will form a huge exhibition group, and bring almost all kinds of metal wires to the exhibition site. These enterprises occupy more than 100 booths of the exhibition, forming a 'silk zone' dominated by Anping silk enterprises at the exhibition. Relying on the advantages of industrial clusters, they have formed a strong joint force, which is more advantageous to accumulate their previous experience." Similar results have been achieved, which is very responsive to the lsquo proposed by the state; One belt and one channel rsquo; The development strategy is to enhance the influence of enterprises and expand export channels. " The spokesman of the Organizing Committee of 2010 China International Building Hardware Exhibition (cibhs) said

"China International Construction Hardware Exhibition (cibhs) has been committed to promoting the construction of industrial clusters in China's construction hardware industry. In addition to the previous group participation of Anping silk enterprises, Zhejiang Haiyan fasteners, Hebei Huanghua nails, wires and some standard parts will all participate in the group participation, relying on the foreign trade platform of the exhibition to develop the international market." The spokesman said

"cibhs 2010 is a special exhibition of CIHS, the world's second largest hardware exhibition. It will include 10 product standards for plastics, rubber, coatings and other categories, 1 special product standard and 1 additive use standard GB 9685 (including the use requirements of additives for various materials) ; The third level is the method standard, which was held at the New International Expo Center in Shanghai and CIHS on September 28. The exhibition shares CIHS strong platform: ten years of brand influence, hundreds of thousands of member buyers at home and abroad, senior professional exhibition organizing team, international and professional exhibition promotion, buyer organization and on-site service, etc. It is expected that the number of professional visitors to the exhibition will exceed 40000. More than 3000 overseas buyers have been identified to participate in the exhibition, 40% of which are from Europe and the United States. " An expert from the Organizing Committee of 2010 cibhs said, "the professional visitors of the exhibition include building materials dealers, purchasers of construction engineering and real estate hardbound projects, well-known manufacturers of machinery and equipment, doors and windows, furniture, as well as building materials supermarkets and transnational retail groups such as B & Q, Wal Mart, Carrefour, home depot, Cuifeng group, lgsourcing, Lehua Meilan and metro."

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