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Changing cabinets are very common in our life. They can be seen in gyms, bathing centers and water parks. So, what are the types of locker? Now let's have a brief look at the complete picture of the locker with Xiaobian, and what should be paid attention to when buying the locker

I. complete collection of pictures of changing cabinets

1. Pictures of wooden changing cabinets

most of the wooden changing cabinets are made of composite boards, and the surface is painted and waxed to make the cabinets look more shiny. The characteristic of the locker is that there are many compartments, which can be hung on the wall or stacked anywhere in the room. It is particularly convenient to use. The disadvantage of this kind of locker is that it is relatively easy to mold and grow moths

2. Picture of ABS plastic locker

plastic locker is available in many families. It is suitable for use in humid environment, easy to clean and never rust. The biggest advantage of this kind of locker is that the whole wardrobe can be assembled by you. It can form a rectangle or a square. It has novel styles and various colors

3. Picture of steel locker

steel locker is a kind of common one. They are found in supermarkets, gyms and other places. Some office buildings also use this kind of locker to store materials. Compared with other cabinets, this kind of locker has the function of fire prevention and moisture resistance. This kind of wardrobe is made of cold-rolled steel plate, which is both solid and environmentally friendly

second, what are the precautions for buying a locker

1. Practicality

when buying a locker, we should pay attention to that it is different from the wardrobe used at home. The appearance is not so important. Whether it is practical or not is the most important thing we should pay attention to when buying a locker. Therefore, the thickness of the legs of the cabinet you buy should be about 2.5 cm, because if it is too thick, the whole cabinet will appear very clumsy. If the legs are too thin, the heavy things will be easy to deform or break directly

2. Production details

before buying, open the interior of the cabinet to see whether the seams are tight and whether the taste is choking. If it is choking, it means that it contains a lot of formaldehyde and other harmful substances. If it is a wooden locker, it depends on whether there is any place eaten by insects and whether the board is damaged. You can pinch it with your fingernails. If you can pinch it in, it means that the cabinet is unqualified

3. Fine workmanship

if you buy a small locker, you can fall gently on the ground. If your voice is hoarse and there is noise, it means that the cabinet is not tight and reliable. More attention should be paid to the details of the cabinet door. No matter what material is used to make the cabinet, the cabinet door must not be bubbling and unsealed. Be horizontal and vertical

editor's summary: the above is the complete picture of the locker shared by Xiaobian for you, as well as the relevant information about the precautions for purchasing the locker. If you want to know more about decoration, you can pay attention to it





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