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[] with the promise of free room measurement and design, home decoration owners can shop around. However, when the owners made a choice, some businesses that failed to win the election suddenly changed their faces and asked to charge the room fee for home decoration, which was difficult for many home decoration owners to accept

◆ owner: free room measurement and transformation fees

Mr. Wei, who lives in a community, just got the key to his new house. Before that, he entrusted a friend who did decoration design with a design drawing. On the day he went to the Property Office of the community to get the key, Mr. Wei saw that the decoration and building materials businesses in the community were camped out, which was very lively. He felt that he had foresight. Let's measure the room for free and face ×& times; Mr. Wei was a little moved by the warm recommendation of a staff member of the home decoration company. He thought: since the free room measurement, there is no loss in measuring a room, and you can shop around, so Mr. Wei readily accepted the company's free room measurement service invitation. Home decoration design jiazhuang6 Com

on the same day, the designer of the company soon came to Mr. Wei's home. It took about ten minutes, and all the measurement results came out. Mr. Wei also outlined his vision for home. Later, when Mr. Wei mentioned when he could see the design drawings, the designer replied that he needed to pay a deposit of 200 yuan first. When signing the contract, the deposit could offset the decoration project funds. If he was not satisfied, he could return the deposit. Eager to see the renderings, Mr. Wei paid a deposit to the company. A week later, the design renderings were handed over to him. Home decoration design www.jiazhuang6 Com

but Mr. Wei felt that the design was too complex, more like a pile of projects. He repeatedly revised it several times, but he didn't like it. He felt that it was not as good as the design his friend had put forward before. Finally, Mr. Wei decided to give up cooperation and asked for a refund of the deposit. However, the person in charge of the company only promised to refund 100 yuan, and the other 100 yuan was the cost of measuring the room, because measuring the room also cost. Afterwards, considering that the free room measurement was only a verbal commitment, and there was no basis, Mr. Wei gave up the right to complain. Home decoration design www.jiazhuang6 After com

, Mr. Wei successively invited three designers to measure the room. The designer of a design studio made it clear that he would charge 200 yuan for measuring the room and drawing before signing the contract; The other two designers, who are part-time foremen of Mustang, said that they promised to measure the room for free, but if Mr. Wei finally did not hand over the home decoration business to them, the data they measured could only be seen by Mr. Wei and could not be retained. Home decoration design www.jiazhuang6 Com

◆ Merchants: free room measurement also pays labor

all the time, citizens' decoration is carried out according to the process of deposit, free room measurement, free design, budget quotation and contract signing. At present, some small and medium-sized home decoration companies mentioned the free room measurement before the deposit. This change has a certain temptation for owners, because before home decoration, owners want to compare various home decoration companies or ‘ Mustang ’ Service quality and design level of the construction team. Mr. Li, an insider in the home decoration industry, said




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