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Autumn has always been the peak season for decoration. However, each season has its own problems to consider. In view of these problems, I have compiled some mainstream related knowledge, hoping to help you

autumn has always been the peak season for decoration. However, each season of decoration has its own problems to consider, such as the dryness and cracking of wallpaper in autumn. In response to these problems, I compiled some mainstream related knowledge, hoping to help you. The content is a little long. Let's get to know it slowly

I. anti drying and cracking of wood materials

a lot of wood materials such as wood keel and various boards are generally used in home decoration. Due to the dry weather and strong wind in autumn, wood has a strong "dry shrinkage" characteristics. So how can we prevent wood materials from drying and cracking

the wood should be placed in a cool place and avoid being placed in the vent.

for the wood decorated in autumn, attention should be paid to avoiding direct sunlight and long-term ventilation, which will accelerate the loss of water in the wood and may also crack the paint on the wood

oil seal the wood

if the wood is seriously dry and cracked, the wood delivered to the site can be wiped off the floating ash with a dry towel first, and then painted with varnish for oil seal twice continuously. After oil seal treatment, the probability of wood drying and cracking will be greatly reduced

the plate should be placed horizontally

all decorative panels should be placed flat, with a large core plate placed at the bottom of the decorative panel and another large core plate pressed on it, so that the plate can be kept flat. Do not put the decorative panel vertically, which is easy to cause cracking and warping of the panel

II. Painting the wall to prevent cracking

the temperature and humidity in autumn are very suitable for wall decoration. Whether it is puttying, painting or gypsum leveling, it dries faster. But it is also easy to cause wall cracking due to rapid drying. For this situation, let's see what can be prevented

the proportion of putty and coating should be found out.

the proportion of wall putty, latex paint and water should be found out. For example, if the dilution ratio of wall paint is too high, excessive dilution will destroy the molecular structure of wall paint, resulting in insufficient film tension and easy to produce cracks

the interface agent cannot be painted too thin

when the old wall is treated, the interface agent is not painted, or the interface agent is too thin. Once the indoor humidity changes, the wall putty is prone to hollowing, cracks and falling off

putty cannot be applied too thick

wall putty cannot be scraped too thick, because the indoor air is dry and the water loss is fast, which is easy to cause hollowing, cracking and wall inequality. In addition, the putty on the wall cannot be dried by temperature, but by wind, so the putty must be very thin and can be scraped several times. The putty on the wall will not crack until it is completely dry, reducing the trouble of repeated maintenance in the future

painted walls should dry naturally in the shade

after painting the walls in summer, generally open doors and windows to allow the walls to form a film in a short time. In autumn, because the weather is already dry, the wall will dry faster, and the water will be lost too quickly, which may lead to shrinkage and deformation. Therefore, the doors and windows should be closed within 1 to 2 days after painting the wall in autumn, or ventilation should be carried out only in the morning and evening, and the wall should always be naturally dry in the shade

III. The wallpaper is paved to prevent cracking

in autumn decoration, it is easy to see local cocking, even cracking and falling off of the wallpaper. Among them, dry weather is the main reason. To prevent the wallpaper from drying and cracking, the construction stage is very critical

ensure that the wall is dry before paving

the wall must be moderately dry and tidy before paving wallpaper. The new cement wall construction generally needs to be maintained for 20 to 40 days before the wallpaper can be paved

wall base treatment is good

the quality of wall base treatment is not good, such as uneven wall glue powder, wallpaper is very easy to deform and crack. If it is found that the treatment of the base course is not good, the rubber powder should be added at the warping place, and the extension repair should be done, and the repair scope should be extended around the crack

try pasting before construction

before formal paving, you can observe whether the wall is suitable for paving and whether the wallpaper effect has color difference, bulging, warping and other phenomena. Generally, it is recommended to try pasting oneortwo rolls first, and wait for 24 hours until the glue is completely dry. If there is no problem, the construction can be carried out

let the wallpaper dry naturally in the shade

just as the painted wall is not suitable for ventilation and air drying in autumn, the wallpaper should also be dried naturally in the shade, leaving only a small amount of wind in the room for air circulation during the drying process

IV. anti cracking of floor construction

the weather in autumn is dry, and the floor will shrink and crack after a period of time. At the same time, improper construction will also easily lead to various cracking problems in the later stage of the floor. Therefore, in order to prevent cracking caused by improper construction, some details during construction should be properly handled

the floor should be properly preserved before construction

first of all, it is necessary to avoid disassembling the floor and placing it in the vent, so as to prevent excessive ventilation, rapid water loss of the floor and cracks; At the same time, avoid placing it in a place where the sun can reach directly, and put it in a cool place

the ground needs to be leveled before floor paving

before floor paving, the ground needs to be cleaned to remove oil stains or dust to ensure that the ground is flat and clean. Otherwise, if the floor is paved with glue after a period of use, the glue between the floors is easy to separate and produce cracks

the expansion joint of floor pavement should not be too large

the air is dry in autumn, and the floor will shrink due to water loss, so the gap between the floors will become larger. If the gap left during construction is too large, the gap will be larger in the later stage, which is easy to hide dirt and dirt, and it is not easy to clean up. The solid wood composite floor and laminate floor can be seamlessly spliced without leaving expansion joints

insist. See here? Do you feel full of dry goods? Hope to help friends who are about to decorate or have plans to decorate in the future! Of course, the most important thing is to choose windows and doors. Remember to find yuetongchuang windows and doors





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