With child-care program Trudeau finds a model for

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With child-care program Trudeau finds a model for influencing provincial policy - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

If you had asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last year whether the federal government could have a stronger hand in provincial health matters, he says his answer might have been differentcoronavirus_faq.

Health-care delivery is squarely in the purview of provincial and territorial governments, and federal attempts to influence spending and policy have been met with resistance.

But the success of Trudeau’s child-care program has given the federal government a means to mould provincial policy from Ottawa and he said it’s one he could use again.

“We just have had an outstanding example of the federal government stepping up in an area that, quite franklyThe general population in descending order of age., has been traditionally a provincial area of jurisdiction and making a huge change for CanadiansThe pandemic increasingly fills hospitals with patients who are younger and sicker.,” Trudeau said in a year-end roundtable interview with The Canadian Press.

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